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Attached below are gun-law updates and
highlights of recent postings.

Alan Korwin, Author
Gun Laws of America


"If you create a gun-free zone,
you're liable for any harm it causes."

Good news! Both Arizona and Georgia have put this bill in their
legislatures for 2003 (HB2320 in AZ, HB31 in GA). Several other
states are considering doing the same.

This may be the most pro-rights gun bill to come down in many years.

Gun-free zones are known to be dangerous -- the idea that they somehow
make you safer is a fraud. They are reckless, negligent, and a denial
of civil rights that is long overdue for a closer look.

Maybe this bill belongs in your legislature too. You or someone you
know should talk to one of your representatives about introducing it,
to start the dialog rolling on the dangers of arbitrary,
discriminatory gun-free zones. A person who would deny your right or
ability to self defense is as violent and wrong as the person who
assaults you.

Read the bill (it's short) and the talking points on our website. An
awful lot of bad bills are planned. It's important to counteract that
with bills as positive as this one. Model language:


In late 2002 our representatives in Washington debated The
McCain-Lieberman Gun Show Bill as if it was designed to close a
loophole, as widely advertised by mass media. I studied the actual
bill -- and what I found knocked me flat. The so-called loophole is
the most minor part, a smokescreen for what really happens.

The real effect is to federalize gun shows, outlaw them without prior
federal approval, register anyone before they can enter (that's
right), create a massive new bureaucracy, generate millions of new
federal records on innocent people annually, and it makes crimes out
of all sorts of activity that creates no victims, hurts no one, and is
currently legal (private property sales from one innocent person to
another). Amazingly, direct criminal activity is unaffected by this
bill's proposals -- only legal gun sales and other legal actions would
be regulated and outlawed. The gun-ban lobby is now saying we need
this bill to stop terrorists. See this special report at .


The Texas legislature meets in odd-numbered years only, and has
finished its session for 2003. News will be posted soon. Texas gun
laws were affected last session (2001) by 19 bills (out of 5,514 filed
and 1,600 enacted), during the 77th session. This lead to a net gain
of 1,348 words, or 3.2% growth in Texas gun law, to a total of 43,390
words. Most of the changes are minor technical adjustments like
renumbering, but a few are meaningful (armed self defense during wild
animal attack, range protection, gun-safety training in schools, gun
exemptions for "proper authorities"). All these changes are in The
Texas Gun Owner's Guide (5th Edition, 2002) which became available in
February 2002. The list of bills and summary information is posted on .


The 20th Edition of The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide is now available.
Lots of changes, including the new Preemption law, Shannon's law, and
new court-invented changes to our traditional open-carry rules. We
have an update posted at , and
circulated the basics by email to everyone on our AZ list.

Important -- Utah has ended reciprocity with Arizona for CCW
permitees! The whole reciprocity thing is a bad scheme (AZ has 4
states on the list after 5 years); better alternatives are listed in
the posted update. Ooops! Utah restarted reciprocity with us again.
What a great way to handle your rights.

Note -- The Arizona Firearms Clearance Center is the DPS unit that
handles NICS background checks for every gun dealer in the state. It
closes on August 22, 2002, completely federalizing retail sales in
this state; details posted. Any dealer not enrolled with the FBI by
that time will be out of business.

As of August 2001, all the Phoenix-metro areas in Tonto National
Forest have been closed to recreational shooting. These traditional
outdoor marksmanship areas, some 80,000 acres that had been safely
used for decades, were summarily shut down by federal bureaucrats
after an intensive pacification campaign. The story is posted and the
areas described on our website, and maps are available from the Forest
Service. Most of the remaining 2.9 million acres of this forest are
still open for marksmanship. Hit the "New Stuff" button on our


2/14/03 New gun laws and changes created by the Homeland Security Act
will be on our website shortly.

1/28/02 Federal gun law has had a handful of additions, most with
little effect on the public. The first was a ban on Clinton's
attempted preferential treatment of Smith and Wesson in government
gun-purchasing contracts. This was followed by post 9/11 terrorism
measures, including The Patriot Act and Arm The Pilots. These are now
posted on our website.

Here is the link to the Smith and Wesson language,
and the two federal gun laws that have been enacted
since our last printing:

HR 4205, PL 106-398, Signed 10/30/00
Gun law = 107 out of 226,539 total words, (0.05%).

"Sec. 826. Requirement To Disregard Certain Agreements In Awarding
Contracts For The Purchase Of Firearms Or Ammunition."

HR 3162, P.L. 107-56, Signed 10/26/01
Gun law = 1,476 out of 58,398 total words (2.5%).

"Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools
Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of

Hurriedly enacted as a direct response to the September 11 attacks,
this contains various gun provisions; it was introduced on 10/23/01,
and signed 3 days later.

S1447, PL 107-71, Signed 11/19/01
Gun law = 1,633 out of 21,825 total words (7.5%).

"Aviation and Transportation Security Act"

Another direct response to the September 11 attacks, hurriedly
enacted. Though this law allows pilots to be armed under specified
conditions, it doesn't require it, and bureaucrats have been
stonewalling against its implementation. Curiously, there is nothing
in current law that prevents pilots from being armed without this
bill, it's come down to a plain issue of political pressure, and not
law. Pilots are even authorized under existing law to take custody of
YOUR gun while enroute (though they are not required to do so) in 18
USC 922(e).

Extra hot ----


"Licensed to Carry" by Greg Jeffery

If you want to know what it takes to get licensed in 30 "shall issue"
states, get this book. Author Greg Jeffery produced this incredibly
detailed report to compare Missouri's proposed carry law (remember
"Proposition B"?) to all the other states. In the process he learned
they were oddly lucky to see Prop B fail, because it would have been
the most restrictive license nationally. He says they'll have a
better draft bill next time around.

Covers each state's permit requirements for:

Background checks
Training requirements
Permitted weapons
Permit forms
Waiting periods
Penalty for unlicensed carry
Applicant qualifications
Places where carry is prohibited
Who issues the license
What it costs
Renewal fees and
Much more

See how your state stacks up.

Packed with charts and graphs, it even includes stats on the number of
licenses issued and revoked. The only other thing you'll need is a
travel agent. This book is extra fine. For more info, or to get a
copy, click "Juicy Info About Our Books" at .

Notes from our "Politically Corrected Glossary"
Important new words:


Hoplophobia is an irrational and morbid fear of guns, a term coined by
Jeff Cooper, from Greek "hoplites," weapon. Symptoms may include
discomfort, disorientation, rapid pulse, sweating, faintness and more,
at the mere sight or even mention of guns. Occurs as a neurosis and
as a psychosis. Hoplophobes are common and should never be involved
in setting gun policies, though many are hard at work in the
anti-rights and rights-denial movements, and are arguably the greatest
threat in the debate. Point out hoplophobic behavior when you see it,
it is dangerous, and sufferers deserve pity. Mild hoplophobia can
often be cured by training, or by a day at the range.


A more accurate, and far more compelling term than the common "pro
gun." The reverse term, which describes them, is "anti rights."
Misguided utopian disarmament advocates love the phrases "pro gun" and
"anti gun," because they automatically win when they're used. They
believe the righteous path is to be anti gun, because only devils
would be pro gun. You flat lose if you allow a debate to be framed
that way.

The debate is really between people who are "pro rights" and "anti
rights" (and then you automatically win), because the righteous choice
between pro rights and anti rights is so obvious. You're pro safety;
pro self defense; pro freedom; pro liberty; pro Bill of Rights
(correctly casting them as anti safety; anti self defense; anti
freedom; anti liberty; anti Bill of Rights). This is an accurate
depiction of people who would restrict, repress and flat-out deny
civil rights you and your ancestors have always had in America.

For more of this lingo,
check out my very popular
"Politically Corrected Glosasary" at


After years of stalling, I've finally posted answers to our most
frequently asked questions, and the number one question is: "How can
I take my gun from point A to point B?"

This one is especially hard to answer, because these days, your right
to keep and bear arms is heavily infringed by bad law, local
"officials," petty despots, anti-rights bigots, and your elected
representatives at every level. The answers posted so far (this list
will grow):

How can I take my gun from Point A to Point B?

Reciprocity -- What states recognize my permit?

Prohibited places -- Where are guns not allowed?

How can I reinstate my rights, which are denied by an old offense?

Why does the NRA support cop-killer bullets?

How many gun laws are there?

What are the rules for overseas?

How do I find a good gun-rights lawyer?

Click the blue FAQ button at .


Without even passing a law, by relying solely on political correctness
and propaganda presented as news, discussion of guns and their
importance in American life has been banned in most schools. Mere
discussion of guns brings disciplinary action, condemnation,
expulsion, and dismissals.

This makes an open discussion of the Bill of Rights impossible.
Presentations on the subject are now neutered, whitewashed shadows of
political reality, that place power in the hands of the rulers,
instead of where it belongs, in the hands of the people.

The American Freedom Essay Contest helps students and their teachers
examine the subject more carefully, by asking what is freedom, and
where does it come from. Sponsored by parents, the contest
revitalizes the dialog and helps open people's eyes. You could
sponsor it yourself, it's easy. Get all the details at .


We have obtained a supply of gun-law guides for other states.
In addition to our own we now have gun guides for --


Go directly to their pictures and descriptions:

Do you know of a gun-law guide for another state?
Please let us know too!


Contains all the details on obtaining federal grant money for training
the public in marksmanship and the safe use and handling of guns.
Click "Position Papers and Updates" at .


What do you say to people who tell you the Second Amendment doesn't
protect your rights (as it always used to)? This editorial has been
widely published by newspapers and flew the email circuit; it is
available for download and sets the facts straight. Show it to
revisionists who would disembowel rights Americans have always had,
and ask them to personally volunteer for "the citizen's gun-free
pledge," to disarm themselves instead of trying to disarm you. You
must deny the evidence of your own eyes to believe their lies -- if
you have no right to bear arms, then how could there possibly be gun
stores nationwide? Click "Position Papers and Updates" at .


The "common-sense" proposal to list America's gun owners overlooks a
simple but crucial point -- how would writing down my name, or your
name, help stop crime? Before enormous fortunes are spent on making
national lists of innocent people, these issues must be examined. Read
this compelling, researched editorial, and perhaps decide to send it
to the media in your town. Click "Position Papers and Updates" at .

At the risk of sounding too mercenary, people like yourself who think
deeply about these subjects would likely benefit from and enjoy a copy
of "Gun Laws of America," now in its fully updated fourth edition.
You can look at it at , and click its picture
for details. But wait, why should I apologize? I believe in free
markets, private ownership of property and capitalism!! If you're
fighting for your rights and it leaves you broke, maybe you could be
doing a better job somehow!! (The antis have no compunction about
raising money for their cause.)


Of all the deaths caused by crime, accident,
disaster and maniacs, they hold a distant
back seat to the murders and atrocities
committed against people by governments.

"No nation has the right to keep and bear arms unless
its people have the right to keep and bear arms."
--Alan Korwin

Only the rulers should be armed.
--U.N. agenda


"After a shooting spree,
they always want to take the guns away
from the people who didn't do it."
--William Burroughs, 1992





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