'Daring Spy Mom' - or Jessica Lynch Style Creation?
Sun Aug 10 23:56:23 2003

Here's my take on the "Mrs. Galt" tale - in the form of a link I am sending out to a couple of websites
Daring 'Spy Mom' -or Jessica Lynch-style Creation of Mockingbirds and John Ashcrocft after Watching Too Many "Scarecrow and Mrs. King Reruns"?

The Moonie Masters of Propaganda at the "Washington Times" are airing this "credibility-stretching tale: "Referred to by her spy masters only as "Mrs. Galt," she is by day an unremarkable American housewife and mother. But after her two children go to bed, she plunges into a secret world of Internet chat rooms and Web sites populated by some of the most dangerous people on earth. Burrowing into the byzantine network of unpublicized Web sites used by al Qaeda and other terror groups for their routine communications, she sweet-talks her interlocutors into revealing their plans, often with fatal consequences for the terrorists." " True story .... Or free ad for Ashcroft's repackaged TIPS program... or lurid tale concocted to whip up support for a coming Patriot Act III, this time aimed at the decide!

...I personally think this story reeks of propaganda plant with an ulterior motive: whipping up support for an all out attack by Ashcroft and company on the "byzantine network" of websites that REALLY has Bush worried: those dedicated to promoting real democracy - like APFN and others. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they really did get the idea from old episodes of "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" - remember that 80s series about "Mrs. King, who was a mother of two (or three?) by day and a spy by night (or during school hours!). Can't these folks at least come up with original material.

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