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A growing number of concerned, alarmed, and dismayed individuals, as well as groups, are becoming aware of a dangerous move to ELIMINATE LOCAL COUNTY SHERIFFS' OFFICES and LOCAL law enforcement. The tradition of local government emphasizes the importance of local sheriffs as the SUPREME AUTHORITY in the counties. That is why the sheriff is elected by the people, not appointed. The county sheriff, as the only elected law enforcement position in the county, and holding this traditional position of high authority, can step in to uphold his duties of protecting the people of his county. A sheriff is a part of our system of checks and balances so that government cannot misuse its authority. Local sheriffs MUST NOT abdicate their authority or duties to ANYONE (judges, government, county commissioners, local chieftains etc.) except TO THE CONSTITUENTS THEY SERVE as a proper functionary of local county government. That is why the sheriff is elected by the people, not appointed to become a mouthpiece, instrument, or representative of the Federal Government or any of its agencies.

The plan to climax local government and 'federalize' counties by the elimination of sheriffs has been revealed by many sources over the years as it has been a gradual process in its implementation--gradual but steady-- as the people, as well as law enforcement, have slept during the encroachment. Most recently an article authored by Betty Freauf, former Oregon Republican State Party Secretary, has been written. Another source is Bernadine Smith of the Second Amendment Committee, who revealed in an article that a local sheriff in Ohio has corroborated by saying, "it is coming--it's true." Further confirmation is seen in the actions in some counties as federal marshals have already moved in as a "partner" and one sheriff in Ohio has already declared himself A FEDERAL AGENT !!!

John McManus, William Norman Grigg, William Jasper, and Jack McLamb have also researched and published information on this important matter. (See reverse side for further sources of documentation, reference, research and study). Centralizing, streamlining, regionalizing, militarizing, federalizing, revamping law enforcement to enhance command and control systems is contrary to our form of government and should not be a prerogative of the Federal Government no matter for what reason. More recently county and state functions are further usurped by the Federal Government via Homeland Security and the Patriot Act (elected representatives didn't EVEN READ nor were they allowed to view this bill before its passage according to Rep. Ron Paul -Texas). Homeland Security advances the goal in State Department Document # 7277, which requires a "force" to preserve internal order and that "force" will be a military force completely ignoring the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act which prevents any armed forces from conducting arrests on civilians.

Both local police and sheriff’s departments are being transformed from local entities, protecting and serving the people from criminals, into instruments of the Federal Government, thus instead of serving the people, they, like the rest of us, are becoming servants of the Federal Government as it encroaches into every segment of our very lives. This is contrary to our system of government and must be stopped if we are to remain free as a nation and free as individuals.

The hallmark of all tyranny, and terrorism itself, has always been nationalization of police power and the TRANSFER OF ITS LOYALTY TO A CENTRAL GOVERNMENT where the goal of the nationalized law enforcement is the MAINTENANCE of power to that central government, and anyone speaking out or rising against the implementation and takeover by that government is labeled a "domestic terrorist".

Federalizing and militarizing civilian law enforcement systems should be a RED ALERT to draw a sharp line in the sand between the two. If not, our system of government will be unified and transformed from representative government to a dictatorship type government. All sheriffs should stand tall; we the people will stand with you, as YOU SERVE US in your duty to PROTECT us----the hour is late, but with diligent effort we can reclaim local control of government and retain the offices of the elected county sheriffs so help us God !!!

Carolyn Lanham, , Committee to Keep the Offices of Sheriffs Elected, not Abolished, and Law Enforcement Local


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