Ray McGovern
Former CIA Analyst suggest signs of 9/11 well-known
Sun Aug 10 19:40:33 2003

Former CIA Analyst suggest signs of 9/11 well-known to Bush Administration

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Signs of attacks well-known

No one wants to believe that the attacks of Sept. 11 could have been
prevented, but we do a disservice to our country if we stay in denial. No one
wants to believe that President Bush had more forewarning than he acknowledges, but
there is strong circumstantial evidence that he did.

Reviewing that evidence on May 26, The Washington Post's ombudsman, Michael
Getler, alluded to one very telling sign from a conversation between CIA
Director George Tenet and former U.S. Sen. David Boren over breakfast on Sept.
11. When an aide rushed up to tell Tenet of the attacks, Tenet's immediate reaction
was: ``This has bin Laden all over it. . . . I wonder if it has anything to
do with this guy taking pilot training?''

Getler notes that the reference is to Zacarias Moussaoui, the ''20th
hijacker,'' who had been taken into custody in Minnesota four weeks before,
after attracting suspicion at a flight school there.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the FBI did not tell the White House
about Moussaoui until after Sept. 11.

But it is a safe bet that the CIA's Tenet did. Even before learning about

Tenet's President's Daily Brief of Aug. 6 bore the title ''Bin Laden
Determined to Strike in U.S.'' When analysts working in Tenet's Counterterrorist
Center were warned about Moussaoui a few weeks before Sept. 11, it is
inconceivable that they would not have told Tenet. He is, by law, ''the principal advisor
to the president for intelligence matters related to national security,'' and
is entitled to ``all intelligence related to the national security, which is
collected by any department, agency or other entity of the United States.''

Tenet's people learned about Moussaoui in a back-door message from the FBI
Field Office in Minneapolis enlisting the CIA's help in obtaining information on
Moussaoui from French intelligence. The French promptly pointed out
Moussaoui's affiliations with radical fundamentalist groups and Osama bin Laden.
(The French service had been keeping close tabs on the likes of Moussaoui, having
foiled a plan by Algerian terrorists to crash an airplane into the Eiffel Tower
in 1994.)

American officials have acknowledged that they learned in 1996 that a pilot
in bin Laden's network, Abdul Hakim Murad, had planned to use the training that
he received at U.S. flight schools to carry out a suicide attack on the CIA
headquarters or another large federal building in the Washington area.

Murad had been captured in the Philippines and was convicted in New York on
charges of trying to blow up American jumbo jets over the Pacific. His
confession formed the basis for a broader analysis prepared for the CIA in 1999
warning that bin Laden terrorists could hijack a jet and fly it into government
buildings like the Pentagon.

On May 29, FBI Director Robert Mueller revealed that a May 1998 field report
warned that the large number of Middle Eastern men in flight training in
Oklahoma ''may be related to planned terrorist activity.'' Moussaoui did his
flight training in Oklahoma.

On May 23, John Cooley reported in The Christian Science Monitor that, in the
weeks before Sept. 11, Jordanian intelligence had warned U.S. counterparts
that bin Laden terrorists were planning a major attack using aircraft inside the
continental United States. The Jordanians had intercepted a crucial al Qaeda
message that dubbed the operation ''the big wedding,'' but it did not identify
the timing or the precise targets.

As warnings of a major terrorist operation against the United States poured
in we know that George Tenet kept warning everyone who would listen. It seems
to me certain that he would have kept the vacationing president up to date,
including the fresh information on Moussaoui.

And that's probably why Tenet didn't get fired after Sept. 11. Instead,
President Bush made an unusual appearance at CIA headquarters on Sept. 26, put
his arm around Tenet and said:

``This is my report to the American people. We have the best intelligence
possible, thanks to the men and women of the CIA.''

If only he had acted on it.

Ray McGovern, a CIA analyst from 1964 to 1990, regularly reported to the vice
president and senior policy-makers on the President's Daily Brief from
1981-85. He now is co-director of the Servant Leadership School, an inner-city
outreach ministry in Washington, D.C.

From: HAL838
What kind of crap is THIS? OUR OWN government attacked US on 9/11 and have killed more than twice that number of its own citizens since then! Through chemtrailing, its own Armed Services (depleted uranium for starters!), vaccines, its own created AIDS and other US lab diseases and the murder of anyone who gets in their way; through plane crashes, supposed 'suicides' and sometimes just outright shooting them to death!!!! Don't most of us on these boards know that by now? Aren't we here to wake up the rest of the brain dead!

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