Bob Scheidt
"Corporate Membership in Admiralty through SSN
Tue Aug 12 08:37:53 2003

Hey Shank, I have run the gauntlet of expatriation, revocation of all commercial instruments including the Socialist Security Racket and I NEVER use a spelling of my name other than that which was placed upon my certificate of "live birth" ...I have gone so far as to "record" my all capital letter name in the county recorder's office under a deed number, along with a verified declaration in the nature of an affidavit, that allows public officials and others to know that I have retired that name from commerce. It also lets them know that I will lien them for unauthorized usage.

I've been at this game for a very long time and I believe I am where I want to be ... that is not numbered, not a citizen of any Govt. not a resident, not a trustee of any trust whether implicit or explicit ... and I am following the Laws of God Almighty to my best ability, no longer participating with the majority of apathetic supporters of murder, abortion, homosexuality etc., ad nauseum.

But thanks for the reply.

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