Bob Scheidt
You too are a Corporation ... or a Vessel of the U.S.
Mon Aug 11 09:35:04 2003

The previous post is accurately describing our dilemma as it relates to the fact that the U.S. INC. is not a Constitutional Democratic Republic, but rather a Corporate Governmental Entity. Another piece of the puzzle that needs to be addressed is the fact that we have all been "born" into corporate existence.

Don't believe me !!! Well open up your wallet or purse and extract any of your "papers" ... such as licenses or Socialist Security Card or even credit cards. Take a look at your name ... it's in all capital letters just like the previous author pointed out about the UNITED STATES.

An all Capital letter spelling of a name is indicative of either a Corporation or a U.S. Vessel. For the purpose of imposing STATE law you are a corporation, for purposes of imposing FEDERAL law you are a UNITED STATES VESSEL.

Your birth certificate actually denotes your birth into corporate status and is deposited at the department of commerce within a few days of your natural birth. Today's birth certificates are typed in all capital letters, however up until sometime around 1950 they were actually hand written and used the proper spelling. (Another thing that you might want to know is that the government actually drafts a bond against your birth certificate ... you are officially a bond-servant).

The all capital spelling of your name actually creates what is known as a straw man or an artificial "person" a "fiction" in law ... which is what a corporation is as well. [Look up "person" in a law dictionary ... it can be almost any type of corporate entity].

And let me leave you with this: When you went to the Socialist Security Administration and "applied" for a Social Security Insurance Account Number ... you opted out of the Free Republican form of Government, and entered the Socialist Corporate Govt of the U.S. INC. You volunteered to be a slave for a pittance in your old age, rather than remain free and trust God Almighty for your well being.

The primary thing that the previous author stated that I want to reiterate is that we are dis-educated, and NEVER are we taught the law. We are told to get an attorney, and he is a Corporate Soldier of the STATE, that will always protect the GOVT that "permits" him to fleece you.

And if you don't want to believe me or the previous writer ... take a look at these illustrations of Roman Civil Authority:

The STATE CAPITOL every STATE: The word Capitol means The Temple of Jupiter/Zeus ... look it up in any dictionary.

The Rotunda in Washington D.C. is loaded with paintings of roman gods like Mercury the god of traders and thieves, vulcan and NIKE ... just do a google search and type in Washington Artwork or Washington D.C. Rotunda Art.

We are living in the expanded Roman Empire, and like the old empire the slaves today wear a slave number only they keep it on a card in their pocket or in their head, they can't work, get credit or even travel without it ... it has 9 digits ... sort of sounds like the MARK of the BEAST don't it !

Until the people of this nation quit worshipping the Corporate (fiction) God of Govt. and get back to trusting in God ... they will remain slaves.

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