Cal Steinberger
Our Sun is absolutely going “bonkers” right now
Sun Aug 10 22:10:09 2003

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Subject: A Quick Lesson of Our Sun
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 16:28:30 -0700
From: "Cal Steinberger"

A Quick Lesson of Our Sun – Earth Relationship

By: Cal Steinberger

I would like to elaborate my reasoning for why I think that there is a serious potential for our experiencing some very serious weather conditions (and perhaps even earthquake and volcanic activity) during the time frame of Aug. 22 through about Aug. 30.

(1) Our Sun is absolutely going “bonkers” right now. It has been throwing off many unusual Solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) which in turn are causing hugh Solar Flares. Solar Flares (or “sparks”) are caused by the crashing together of the CMEs, which are of opposite polarity. To give you some idea of how hugh these Solar Flares can be, more than a dozen Earths could fit inside of one. When such a “spark (or discharge)” occurs, charged particles are blown away from the Sun in gusty “Solar Winds”. And, they rain down on the Earth’s upper atmosphere and interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. Most of these ionized particles are absorbed and trapped within the Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts that encircle the Earth. When the Solar Winds of ionized gases are very strong and gusty, the Van Allen radiation belts are compressed deeper into the Earth’s atmosphere (i.e. they are closer to the Earth’s surface). This in turn greatly influences the frequency and intensity of Earth’s thunderstorm (and even earthquake and volcanic) activity.

(2) Bear in mind, that our inner Solar System is highly charged---very similar to a Capacitor (or battery having both a “positive” and “negative” plate). Our Sun forms the Negative plate, and, the Positive plate being located far out beyond our outermost known planet (i.e. Pluto). To refresh your memories: Going outwardly from our Sun, our 9 known Planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The relative size (or mass) of these planets are as follows:


FROM SUN, in MM in Miles

SUN ---------- 864,000

MERCURY 36 3,025

VENUS 67.2 7,526

EARTH 92.9 7,927

MARS 141.5 4,218

JUPITER 483.3 88,700

SATURN 886 71,500

URANUS 1,795 30,500

NEPTUNE 2,795 33,000

PLUTO 3,667 1,500

NOTE: Our Moon’s Avg. Dist from Earth is 238,800 miles, and, its Dia. Is

2,160 miles.

Each of the planets are negatively charged; however, their charge

becomes progressively smaller (also depending on their size) as its distance from our Sun becomes larger. All of them are still within the “solar capacitor”. A large planetary body such as Planet X (or other large comets that may come within this “capacitor” are charged with a larger charge due to their having entered from without the capacitor boundary. This causes a short circuit to occur between it and the nearby negatively charged planet (or Sun). This in turn can cause severe Earth (or other planetary) catastrophic events to occur---even though the intruding planet may never actually strike the Earth (or other planet). This, in my humble opinion, is the thesis that Professor James McCanney is postulating---and, which may have thrown him “out of favor” with other scientists within NASA who have a different opinion. In any event, I tend to go along with the scientific thesis being promoted by the Professor. Bear in mind, that I am in no way shape or form, attempting to speak for, nor am I attempting to “represent” the good Professor! He may not agree with anything that I have said! This is a private e-mail that I am sending out to those persons who are on my “private” e-mail list! But to continue:

(3) Geologists believe that our Earth has within it a relatively small solid inner core of metal. Outside of this solid core is iron in a “liquid form”. As the distance progresses closer to the outer “mantle” of the Earth, the liquid becomes known as “molten magma”, and, this is what erupts to the surface of the Earth during volcanic eruptions. Early in Earth’s history, the weak magnetic field that permeates the Galaxy generated within Earth’s liquid core “convection cells” of moving electric currents---which in turn generated Earth’s own “magnetic field”. Over time, our Earth’s magnetic field strength has decreased. So, as these Solar Winds of charged particles rain down on Earth, they can also severely influence (i.e. disturb or disrupt) Earth’s Convection Cells. There are, of course, other external forces that may cause this also, such as: (a) an impact from a large meteorite; (b) an abrupt drop in global temperature (which might be caused by enormous clouds of dust (or volcanic ash) that might be encircling Earth; (c) high tidal forces caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun, Moon, and particularily by the hugh planet Jupiter. And, to a lesser degree even variations in atmospheric pressure associated with storm movements---especially when they are sudden. And, (d) ELF rf bombardment of the Van Allen Belts through covert government operations.

(4) Albert Einstein (and other scientists) have developed a formula which basically

says that the “gravitational attraction of two bodies---such as for example the Earth and Moon---is directly proportional to the product of their masses, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers.

i.e. F = GmM divided by R squared. Where:

F = Gravitational Force of Attraction

G = the universal “gravitational constant”

m = Mass of the Moon (or other body)

M = Mass of the Earth

R = Seperation Distance between their centers

Over time, as the “comets” have become “planets” and they become “captured” within our inner Solar System, their orbits conform to the more or less circular orbits of the planets within our inner Solar System. They orbit around the Sun in a “clockwise” fashion. In the case of Planet X, it will have an elongated orbit and will be orbiting in a “counterclockwise” fashion. As it barrels into and out of our inner Solar System, it will be causing all bloody hell among our existing planets.

Due to its hugh size (some estimates being that it is larger than planet Jupiter), its gravitational force and electrical effects will be tremendous.

Now, with all of this as background, here is what I see happening in the near term interval of Aug. 22 through about Aug. 30:

The hugh planet Jupiter will come into “conjunction” (i.e. meaning that it will be closest to whatever it will be in conjunction with) to our Sun on Aug. 22. On Aug. 23, the hugh planet Saturn will be at conjunction with our Moon. On Aug. 27, we will have a New Moon (which is actually a 4 day period)---which will temporarily be obstructing radiation and Solar Winds that will be coming from the Sun. As the New Moon moves away from blocking the Sun, the “jar” from the highly charged Solar Wind will be allowed in to strike the outer atmosphere of planet Earth which will itself cause many problems in our Jet Streams. Note: As an aside additional comment, I might add, that during a Full Moon, the Moon traverses through the magnetic “tail” of Earth, and, additional showers of energetic particles may be released that will be causing additional problems. But to continue: On Aug. 28, the planet Mars will be in conjunction with planet Earth---the closest it has been in some 60,000 years! On that same date, the planet Mercury will also be in conjunction with our Moon. On Aug. 29, our Moon will be on (or over) our Equator. And, on Aug 31, our Moon will be at Perigee. This means, that the tidal forces that will be exerted on planet Earth will be extremely magnified. Be aware, that when our Moon is at “Perigee”, it will be approximately 28,080 miles closer to Earth than when it is not at “perigee”. By the same token (observing the above mentioned Formula) when our Moon is “over the Equator”, the average diameter of the Earth is 26.9 miles larger than its diameter is at the Poles (which means that the “gravitational force formula) above mentioned is also maximized. All of these electrical and gravitational forces will be merging, which will be causing a unique and very powerful influence on planet Earth.

Question: Could this be the very time when the Globalists may decide that the time will be ripe to conduct “covert operations” that will be the excuse to establish Martial Law?

Stay tuned for further developments as our populous is being “manipulated” into acceptance of The New World Order.

Super Volcano In Yellowstone National Park;article=42990;title=APFN;date_query=1060286470


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