End of the income tax?
Wed Aug 13 01:50:47 2003


I fully behind Billy Joe Maudlin on this.

Joe Farah, Neal Boortz and WorldNet Daily should be taken out back to the woodshed on this piece.

We The People need to return to true payment mechanism based on the freedom of individual's to barter value for value, time for time, trust for trust. This Wizard of Oz, Disney World-like funny-money credit system is THE core root of all the many problems that are ruining our wonderful world.

Like Nancy Reagan, let's "Just Say NO!" and STOP all this madness and insanity.

Thanks Billy Joe!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart


Subj: End of the income tax?
Date: 8/12/03 3:43:21 PM Central Daylight Time
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Don't fall for this SCAM!!! It is no more lawful than the income tax!! As long as this country is under a FIAT (FAKE) money system, with its USURY, there MUST be a way to skim off the interest.

There are two, and only two, types of economies, Credit and Barter. Under a barter system, you trade something of intrinsic value for something else of intrinsic value. For example, you trade the fruit of your labor for something that you consider of equal value, material goods or gold and silver. Now under a Credit system, which we are now forced into by HJR 192, June 5, 1933, (attached) then you are forced to trade something on intrinsic value for Credit and the debt is DISCHARGED!!

Under this Credit economy, only the principal can be created. Interest (usury) can not be created so there must be some way to skim off the interest or suffer HYPERINFLATION where you can't buy a loaf of bread with a truckload of Federal Reserve Notes!!!!!

Consider this, suppose you go to a merchant and purchase 100 (dollars) worth of merchandise, you go the cash register and check out. The clerk tells you that "that will be 100 (dollars) and you give the clerk 5ea, 20 unit, Federal Reserve Notes. You have paid for nothing! You can't pay for anything with an IOU. What has happened under the credit system is that the merchant receives 100 (dollars) of CREDIT from the Federal Reserve and the DEBT IS DISCHARGED!!

Federal Reserve Notes are not Dollars!! A dollar is a unit of measurement exactly like an inch, a quart or a pound.

(a) A silver coin of the United States containing 371.25
grains of silver and 41.25 grains of alloy, that is,
having a total weight of 412.5 grains.
(b) A gold coin of the United States containing 23.22
grains of gold and 2.58 grains of alloy, that is,
having a total weight of 25.8 grains, nine-tenths

Nothing else is a dollar, I don't care what anybody "says"!!

In 1921, under The Independent Treasury Act of 1920, the Treasury of the United States was TREASONOUSLY turned over to the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve, both of which are PRIVATE BANKING ORGANIZATIONS UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS!! Our Congress ABROGATED their authority to "coin and set the value of money" to these private organizations!!



End of the income tax?
Posted: August 12, 2003
Neal Boortz


It's in the hopper. In the last Congress, the number was HR2525. This time, it's HR25. When I speak of HR25 on my show, the residual phone calls continue for days. When I talk up HR25 during a banquet speech, the deserts remain uneaten.

HR25 is called the Fair Tax Act of 2003, and its stated purpose is "To promote freedom, fairness and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the states.

I've been studying and promoting this idea for nearly 17 years. I've debated each and every possible point and objection, and have almost always drawn the opposing party to my side. HR25 has 32 cosponsors and absolutely no organized opposition. This is legislation that would transform our economy and our society for the better, yet this may well be the first time you've heard of it. It's time to bring you up to speed.

Here are the highlights. If The Fair Tax Act were to become law, the following would happen.

1) The law establishing the federal income tax would be repealed, both for individuals and for businesses.

2) A constitutional amendment repealing the 16th Amendment would be sent to the states for ratification.

3) All laws providing for payroll taxes for the funding of Social Security and Medicare would be repealed.

4) A sales tax would be instituted on the sale of all goods and services at the retail level. This retail sales tax would replace all payroll and federal income taxes.

5) Government funding would remain at present levels, and no changes would be made to Social Security and Medicare other than the method of funding those programs.

Does the idea sound pretty radical thus far? Stick with me a few hundred more words.

With the passage of HR25, you would receive 100 percent of your bi-weekly paycheck. If you make $1,000 a week, your paycheck would be $2,000 every two weeks. Of that $2,000, you would only pay tax on the money you spend at the retail level. All savings and investments would be tax free. Any money you spend at the retail level would carry a 23 percent sales tax.

Yikes! Did that man say 23 percent? Yeah, I know. It sounds awfully high, but here are some points you need to consider.

First, there are the embedded taxes on every single product or service you purchase at the retail level. Harvard economists have estimated this embedded tax to be around 22 percent of the cost of those goods. That 22 percent represents the payroll taxes and corporate business and income taxes paid by every manufacturer, shipper, wholesaler, merchandiser and retailer having any connection whatsoever with the product you have purchased. These taxes are all added to the cost of consumer goods.

As soon as these taxes vanish, economists agree that competitive market pressures will immediately cause prices at the retail level to fall. So, we almost have a wash here. The prices decrease by over 20 percent, and you start paying a 23 percent sales tax. Remember, though. You brought home 100 percent of your paycheck, and every dollar you don't spend at the retail level remains untaxed.

But what about the poor? They're not really paying federal income taxes anyway, so this big sales tax is really going to hit them hard, right?

Wrong. The Fair Tax Act provides that no family, rich or poor, will pay sales taxes on the basic necessities of life. The cost of these basic necessities is set at the federally determined poverty level for various sized families. At the beginning of every month the head of every household in America will receive a check, or an electronic credit to their bank account, in an amount equal to the sales tax they would pay on the basic necessities for their sized family. This provision is completely neutral as to income, so class warfare political rhetoric becomes useless.

HR25 has friends in high places inside the Beltway. When briefed on the idea, Vice President Dick Cheney told Congressman John Linder: "This needs to be put before the president." Commerce Secretary Don Evans, after being briefed, asked Linder: "Why haven't you passed this?"

And just why hasn't it passed? Because the idea is so bold that many politicians, while personally praising the concept, just assume it can't pass.

It can pass, my friends. It can pass if the people of America learn the details and then let their elected officials know that they want some action. If you have the slightest interest, just go to the website for Americans for Fair Taxation. Every detail is covered, every question is answered.

If America is now ready to accept the possibility of the Red Sox winning the World Series, we can certainly support an idea as daring as the Fair Tax Act.------


June 5, 1933 [H.J.Res. 192]
To assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the United States.
Whereas the holding of or dealing in gold affect the public interest, and are therefore
subject to proper regulation and restriction; and
Whereas the existing emergency has disclosed that provisions of obligations which purport to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency of the United States, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, obstruct the power of the Congress to regulate the value of the money of the United States, and are inconsistent with the declared policy of the Congress to maintain at all times the equal power of every dollar, coined or issued by the United States, in the markets and in the payment of debts. Now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress ~sembled, That (a) every provision contained in or made with respect to any obligation which purports to give the obligee a right to require payment in gold or a particular kind of coin or currency, or in an amount in money of the United States measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy; and no such provision shall be contained in or made with respect to any obligation hereafter incurred. Every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provision in contained therein or made with respect thereto, shall be discharged upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any
coin or currency which at the time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts. Any such provision contained in any law authorizing obligations to be issued by or under authority of the United States, is hereby repealed, but the repeal of any such provision shall not invalidate any other provision or authority contained in such law.
(b ) As used in this resolution, the tenn "obligation" means an obligation (including every obligation of and to the Untied States, excepting currency) payable in money of the Vnited States; and the tenn "coin or currency" means coin or currency of the United States, including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations.
SEC. 2. The last sentence of paragraph (I) of subsection (b) of section 43 of the Act entitled " An Act to relieve the existing national economic emergency by increasing agricultural purchasing power, to raise revenue for extraordinary expenses incurred by reason of such emergency, to provide emergency relief with respect to agricultural indebtedness, to provide for the orderly liquidation of joint-stock land banks, and for other purposes", approved May 12, 1933, is amended to read as follows:
" All coins and currencies of the United States (included F ederal Reserve notes and circulating notes of F ederal Reserve banks and national banking associations ) heretofore or hereafter coined or issued, shall be legal tender for all debts, public and private, public charges, taxes, duties, and dues, except that gold coins, when below the standard weight and limit of tolerance provided by law for the single piece, shall be legal tender only at valuation in proportion to their actual weight."
Approved, June 5, 1933,4.40 p.m.
Woman triumphs over IRS in million-dollar tax case

Mon Aug 11, 2002

A federal jury in Memphis has acquitted a woman charged by the Internal Revenue Service of conspiring to evade nearly $1 million in taxes.

Jurors on Friday declared FedEx pilot Vernice Kuglin, 58, not guilty of evading $920,000 in taxes, though the question of how the bill would be paid was left unsettled following the five-day trial.

"I think it is safe to assume the IRS will attempt civil collection, but she is not guilty of tax evasion," defense attorney Robert Bernhoft of Milwaukee told the Commercial Appeal newspaper.

For her part, Kuglin said she felt the verdict was in line. " I feel justified," she told the paper.

Kuglin was charged with six counts of tax evasion, for which she could have received up to 30 years in prison had she been convicted. Government prosecutors claimed she filed false W-4 forms for the years 1996 through 2001.

A FedEx pilot for nearly 18 years, Kuglin said she had paid taxes like most other wage earners until about a decade ago, when the paper said she began to question the tax code.

She said she researched legal documents, court cases and the tax code itself, but claimed she could not find a specific section that stated she is liable to pay taxes. Rather, she found a series of contradictions, she told the Appeal.

In 1995 Kuglin wrote to the IRS twice with questions about her obligation to pay taxes, but said she never received a response.

Federal prosecutors said Kuglin, however, did have an opportunity to sit down and discuss her obligations with the IRS but failed to do so.

Nevertheless, defense attorney Larry Becraft of Huntsville, Ala., who has a reputation for defending tax-related cases, said Kuglin decided mandatory payment of income taxes "did not apply to her." Following Friday's verdict, he declared the federal tax code "at best is a walking due-process violation."

Barbara Snodgrass, one of the jurors, told the paper the panel chose to acquit Kuglin because "we all felt that the prosecution didn't prove its case."

Kuglin left open the possibility of future IRS cooperation, without admitting she owes the agency money.

"I will pay all the taxes for which I am liable," she told the paper.

Kuglin's case echoes complaints about the IRS made by Bob Schulz, a leader in the "tax honesty" movement.

In March 2002 Schulz, WorldNetDaily reported, sponsored a "Truth in Taxation" hearing in Washington, D.C., which featured a number of prominent figures in the tax-reform movement.

The forum was held despite the cancellation of previously scheduled appearances by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md., and officials from the IRS and Justice Department.

Despite the lack of official sanction, Schulz declared the event a success and said he had "brought to public attention" allegations that the government has "intentionally and systematically conspired to deprive the American People of our Constitutional rights. "

"The hearing was but another step in the people's determination to get to the truth regarding the fraudulent origin and operation of the Federal Reserve system, the unconstitutional creation of the Internal Revenue Service and the illegal operations of our nation's income tax system," he said in a statement following the forum.

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IRS ~ Tax Info
From: Robert G. Bernhoft, J.D.

Dear clients, colleagues, and friends:

For your information, Fox News Channel will be airing a number of televised
interviews this afternoon and evening regarding the recent acquittals in USA
v. Kuglin:

1. John Gibson's "The Big Story"
4:40 Central
Vernie Kuglin and Attorney Larry Becraft

2. Hannnity & Colmes
8:30 p.m. Central
Vernie Kuglin and Attorney Larry Becraft

3. Gretta Van Susteren
9:15 Central
Attorney Robert G. Bernhoft

Best regards,

Robert G. Bernhoft
Attorney and Counselor at Law
The Law Office of Robert G. Bernhoft, S.C.
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Larken Rose


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