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Kuglin TV Interviews (Re: Kuglin Beats IRS)
Tue Aug 12 16:01:01 2003

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Subject: Kuglin TV Interviews
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 13:26:07 -0500
From: Robert G. Bernhoft, J.D.

Dear clients, colleagues, and friends:

For your information, Fox News Channel will be airing a number of televised
interviews this afternoon and evening regarding the recent acquittals in USA
v. Kuglin:

1. John Gibson's "The Big Story"
4:40 Central
Vernie Kuglin and Attorney Larry Becraft

2. Hannnity & Colmes
8:30 p.m. Central
Vernie Kuglin and Attorney Larry Becraft

3. Gretta Van Susteren
9:15 Central
Attorney Robert G. Bernhoft

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RS: Certificate of Non-Existence
Here is confirmed Proof researched for you.  (33 pages .pdf file)

Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 19:14:06 -0700
Subject: IRS Strategy--VanDyke's Summary.

Feel free to pass this along (in its entirety).

Gordon Wayne Rogers' tax position is easy to understand.
The IRS operates a clearly defined and very clever scam.
Here is how it works.

(1) The IRS creates a false, fraudulent, nebulous, and/or libelous
assessment against a citizen.

(2) The IRS brings this assessment, as a Notice of Tax Lien, to the
County Recorder.

(3) A Notice of Tax Lien is supposed to instruct the tax "debtor" as to where the actual Tax Lien can be found, studied, and copied so that it can be challenged if necessary, but the Notice of Tax Lien never does provide that information because the IRS never produces Tax Liens to which a Notice could refer.

(4) An unlawful statute injected into the Revised Code of Washington at RCW 60.68.045 by the IRS, and uncritically allowed to reside there by legislators, other officers of the government, and citizens, directs the County Recorder to enter the "Notice" of Tax Lien on a Tax "Lien" Index.

(5) But a Notice of Tax Lien does not contain a sworn (affidavit) assessment and is therefore only a non-negotiable / non-"spendable" paper or instrument, which means that it cannot be used as money, after maturing unchallenged 90 days, to procure, seize and sell property.

(6) And a Lien, any lien, if lawfully constructed must contain a sworn (affidavit) assessment as part of the full disclosure requirement of all negotiable instruments, and is therefore a negotiable / "spendable" paper or instrument, which means that it can be used as money, after maturing unchallenged for 90 days, to procure, seize and sell property.

(7) Since the IRS never presents a Tax Lien to the County Recorder, because its agents do not want the liability for presenting a false, fraudulent, nebulous, and/or libelous assessment, it must procure or suborn the County Recorder to do its counterfeiting for it by counterfeiting the appearance of the existence of a Tax Lien by changing the title from a Notice to a Lien by unlawfully entering it on the wrong Index, a Tax Lien Index.

(8) By changing the title from a Notice to a Lien, the County Recorder has converted a non-negotiable / non-"spendable" paper into a negotiable / "spendable" ledger entry, and has therefore counterfeited a currency, for the IRS, which lacks full disclosure.

(9) Then all the IRS has to do is to ask the County Recorder for a Certified Copy of the Tax Lien Index to "prove" that a Lien has been filed. This Certified Copy of the Tax Lien Index has the same power in commerce as a Federal Reserve Note because it can be used as money to procure, seize and sell property, to transfer property from the citizens to the IRS.

(10) Once the IRS has the Certified Copy of the Tax Lien Index implying the filing of a Lien, the IRS can begin taking wages, bank accounts, investments, social security payments, retirement benefits, houses, cars, and just about anything else that will bring cash directly or by auction.

(11) The Public, the Legal Establishment, and the Courts are all conditioned by threats of IRS retaliation to do whatever the IRS dictates, so the scam is complete. Therefore, there is no remedy through the judicial courts.

The ONLY REMEDY of this problem is to ignore the judicial system and to use the same ancient and timeless system of commerce which the IRS uses, but to use the commercial system lawfully and properly by doing everything by sworn affidavits containing full disclosure (Exodus 20:16).

Certified to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, by Hartford VanDyke, Commercial Lawyer, a non-union (non-Bar Association) lawyer, NOT AN ATTORNEY !

[Written: April 15, 1998]

[Sender's Note: For a copy of Gordon Rogers story regarding the IRS, request through  ]

"I know what I worry about. Losing my choice to smoke or drink, fetal
tissue missing, corporations accessing our Social Security Number and
determining what can be published and when." -- Michael Moriarty on Psi Factor:

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