Patricia J. Madore
TAX REFORM - SUPPORT HR-25 - Fair Tax Act of 2003
Wed Aug 13 02:15:32 2003

TAX REFORM - SUPPORT HR-25 - Fair Tax Act of 2003

posted July 26, 2003, by PJ Madore` (viewed 480 times)
August 25, 2003

Thomas R. Carper, Sen., US (DE)
Joseph R. Biden, Sen., US (DE)
Michael Castle, Rep., US (DE AL)

Our current tax code has become ridiculously confusing and in many ways unfair. The debate on tax system reform is heating up and will make a great election year topic. Reform plans go from a minor overhaul of the income tax to completely abolishing it.

A good suggestion is a fair, simple, transparent tax system that any American can understand at a glance; a new tax system that would end late night sweating over endless and confusing forms and allow us to trash our shoe boxes full of receipts.

Such reform has been proposed and is now under consideration as HR-25, Fair Tax Act of 2003.

I recently found information that gives a good comparison of features of tax plans at:

Only you can review this information and participate in the debate.

It's time for a radical change that will really make a difference. If you're looking for something to get people talking about and interested in government again -- this is it!

I support this action and urge you to support it as well.


Patricia J. Madore -
Hockessin, DE 19707

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