Re: 9-11 - No. 2 Official at Justice Department Steps Down
Tue Aug 12 16:26:28 2003

No. 2 Official at Justice Department Steps Down
Monday, August 11, 2003; 5:04 PM

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson, who ran the day-to-day operations at the Justice Department and headed the corporate fraud task force, Monday announced he was resigning at the end of the month.

Thompson, one of the highest-ranking African American political appointees in the Bush administration, is leaving the No. 2 spot at the department for a six-month position at the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

He did not give a reason for his decision to step down.

Immediately after the Sept. 11, 2001, hijacked airline attacks, Thompson was named chairman of the President's National Security Coordination Council, which was ordered to assess vulnerabilities in the country's private, governmental and industrial sectors.

In July 2002, following a spate of high profile corporate scandals, Thompson was put in charge of the Corporate Fraud Task Force. Over the past two years the task force has opened more than 400 investigations and brought more than 350 charges against individuals.

Attorney General John Ashcroft praised Thompson for his work to help make changes in the way the Justice Department operated.

"From his work to protect America from terrorism, to restoring public confidence in the financial markets, to everything in between, Larry was a true leader," he said.

Thompson was also credited with helping reinvigorate the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, which targets large-scale cartels and illegal drug producers responsible for the majority of illegal drug trafficking in the United States.

Before becoming deputy attorney general, Thompson was a partner in an Atlanta law firm. He also served as a U.S. Attorney in Georgia and in 2000 was chosen to chair the Judicial Review Commission on Foreign Asset Control.
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Several places within the facility tested positive for anthrax, including locations that handle mail for Attorney General John Ashcroft, Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson and other leaders, said spokeswoman Susan Dryden.,0,684409.story

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