ID chips pressed into laundered clothes
Tue Aug 12 17:52:39 2003

ID chips pressed into laundered clothes
The controversial RFID tag technology is being taken to the dry cleaners
Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK
August 12, 2003

Chipmaker Texas Instruments on Monday announced a wireless identity chip aimed at clothing going through the dry cleaning process, creating a new market for a technology that is expected to revolutionise the way products -- and people -- are tracked and identified.

The Laundry Transponder, from TI Radio Frequency Identification Systems, is a thin 13.56MHz radio frequency identification (RFID) chip with a circumference of 22mm that can be attached or sewn into fabric. Its plastic casing is capable of withstanding industrial cleaning processes, making it practical for dry cleaners to track items through to customer delivery.

Each transponder has a unique 64-bit identification code, as well as 2,000 bits of memory that can be programmed with customer data. The identification code can be laser-etched on the transponder casing for visual identification, TI said.

RFID functions as an evolution of the bar code, but is more efficient and versatile because items can be identified wirelessly. For the retail supply chain, this means, for example, that a box of goods could be added to a shop's inventory system without opening the box and scanning each item individually, since the RFID scanner could identify all the items through the box.

The tags are also being considered for other applications where a large number of items need to be sorted and identified, such as EU banknotes and airport luggage sorting systems. The EU and some other regions are planning to embed RFID chips containing biometric data into passports, which is a measure required for entering the US under new anti-terrorism legislation.

Industry analysts expect spending on RFID chips to surge in the next few months, possibly even fuelling a new tech investment boom, with huge retailers such as Wal-Mart looking to have RFID supply chain systems in place by 2005.

The tags are seen to have privacy implications, however, as they are capable of collecting data on consumers and allowing individuals to be tracked remotely. Labour MP Tom Watson has submitted a motion for debate on the regulation of RFID devices, and is confident that it will be debated in September.

Watson told ZDNet UK in July that he submitted the motion because without proper regulation, RFID tags are "open to abuse by unscrupulous retailers" who could misuse the technology.

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MUST READ- IMPORTANT - The Plan for Dictatorship - U.S.


With more and more and more of the political, economic and social fraud-deception being exposed with each passing day, there is no other place for the forces behind this system to run and hide except into the willing arms of global government.

As I have said since a few days after 911, President Bush will be the last President of the united states as We The People have mistakenly come to know it. If we persist in believing that We The People are not the government we will sit back and watch this inevitable global spin-cover-up show unfold. If we persist and remaining inside the Wizard's Castle while breathing in his smoke, fire and fear the darkness of this unreal world will continue to descend upon us.

But if We The People begin to believe that, thanks our individual and collective acknowledgment of an Almight benevolent creator, WE are the government, then more and more and more and more individuals will naturally EXIT these Wizard of OZ Castles and join the ranks outside in the light of this New Day that is dawning with the many other living, breathing celebratory individuals who are freely and unconditionally receiving and sharing the God-given energy, light, truth and love that is perfect, infinite and ONE (1).

If this sounds like so much fruitcake blather, then that's all fine and well, too.

If this sound like something you can resonate and celebrate then please join the rest of humanity and celebrate this massive spiritual awakening which will transcend and transform any and all attempts to claim, blame, shame, control and enslave the energy, light, truth and love of God behind all of this.

Special thanks to WildBill for passing this message along - see below.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

Sent: Friday, August 01, 2003 10:14 AM
Subject: MUST READ- IMPORTANT - The Plan for Dictatorship - U.S.

HR 2459 - A Blueprint for Dictatorshp - Check this one out!

Re: Is this not the move of a dictator, or what?
US scraps nuclear weapons watchdog http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1009497,00.html

This should come as no surprise H.R. 2459 establishes the Office of "Secretary of Peace", with power to fully collapse our constitutional government and transform it into a socialist military government on a permanent basis, and disarm us. Folks this country is in big trouble! There is no difference between the two parties. I just wish people would get it through their head. They both want the NWO and Global Government. Please vote for the third party of your choice.

OHIO REP. DENNIS KUCINICH PRODUCES THE MISSING LAST "PEACE" IN THE PUZZLE FOR THE FINAL COLLAPSE OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT in his bill: H.R. 2459. (You have to go back to 107th Congress and look at the original bill which has been updated and sugar coated). Check it out: http://thomas.loc.gov/

*Establishment of "Department Of Peace"H.R. 2459 - Old legislation byVance Hartke, Reborn by 107th.Congress.

*Universal Public Service - A social army to replace Armed Forces - Mandatory for Youth now in effect know as Freedom Corp. (brown shirts) and mandatory for college admission or in lieu of military service.

Peace Academy - Sec. 106.

*Implementation of the Human Rights Treaties which replace "The Bill of Rights". (See section 110 of H.R. 2459) Further diminishment of Constitutional Protections via laws (so called) to negate true liberty such as "Patriot Act", " Military Tribunals," Which will destroy our government.

*Plans to collapse constitutional government called "The Houlihan Plan!" Objective is to replace with International Regions controlled by 'Appointive' not elected representatives who can not be voted out. It will also cut state services, except to illegal immigrants.

*No Army! No Navy! No Air Force! Public Law 87-297- United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a peaceful world. No Guns for citizens, Secretary and Assistant's duties: Section 108.

*Soviet-American Police Exchange. Hiring of Hong Kong Police.

*Page 3. State Dept. Pub. 7277 "Homeland Security."

*The Public Safety Agency: It merges the Civilian Law Enforcement Systems with the Military Under One Head. Meanwhile, California specialized Training Institute, instructs Attendees on How to Convert Government Into Martial Law.

*Expect House to House Searches for all Guns. Planned Many years ago. Now a Domestic Responsibility of the Secretary of Peace to do something about the overwhelming pre-sence of handguns. They plan to disarm us. (section 102-b.) The UN just had their meeting to ban small arms which started July 7th. 2003 and lasted a week.

*No individual ownership of Land to be allowed in the U.S.A. i.e. Klamath Falls, and now happening all over the US. 'Land Grab' Opponents Cry Foul in House Hearing http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/6/25/63236.shtml

*E.O. 12803. To sell off counties signed by George H. Bush on April 30,1992.

*Established: World-Wide Military Command and Control Systems. -- It's already happened:
Stand-by Brigade High Readiness Brigade = SHIRBRIG http://www.shirbrig.dk/
This is a multinational brigade with the aim to provide the United Nations with a high readiness Peace-keeping force.
Our military is under the Command and Control of the UN.

*Manual for Operation of Nation's Courts: Under Martial Law-Complete.

*Peace (By Force) solidarity, and democracy: (Communist's cover-up words!)

*Neighborhood watch and other people programs to propagandize the public. (see sec.104) "TIPS" replace by "TALON"


*Sec. 103 PPBS! The mind Control System already installed operating in Gov't and schools.

*Already drafted and signed by members of U.S. Congress is a declaration of Inter-dependence that nulls and voids American 'Declaration of Independence': World Government Constitutions already written. Several versions available.

*Mal-distribution of Wealth and various Resources. Dept. of Peace-Legislation to correct (section 102 and Section 110)

*Rep. Dennis Kucinich, (D. - 10 - OH) www.house.gov/kucinich

We just rejoined UN's UNESCO at a cost of $70 billion, Congress refused to support Ron Paul HR 1146. Last week 6 employers laid off 17,000 employees thanks to NAFTA, GATT, and now FTAA. We are being destroyed from within, by placating and supporting the UN.

"Keep in mind that there are no withdrawal rights in the United Nations Charter, It is an "in perpetuity" arrangement. The only way we can get out is if the legislation that was written in 1945 (added to in 1947) were to be rescinded. The federal government would never do that! The states could meet and override the federal government by rescinding that act.
(It is called the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 & amendment of 1947). Some have declared themselves UN Free Zones./s

If the Dept. of Peace merges the whole federal government in with the United Nations, and the eventual military government (Homeland Security) takes hold, the states very possibly would be synchronized to collapse at the same time. (The Houlihan Plan has been working for some time on various facets of the effort to collapse the federal and states' economy with reduction of services!)

We know the intentions of the socialists have been to collapse our government for a "new world order." With this legislation, and all of the other alterations that they have made previously in the system, the capacity is there to overthrow the constitutional system!

Bernadine Smith of Ca. (the Second Amendment Committee) has done all the work on this analysis of Dept. of Peace. I have lots more if you want the rest, it will take me some time to get it all typed out and put on the net, but I will do it, if you want to read it all. Please pass on what I have sent so far" -- Virginia Brooks

Welcome to the Fourth Reich!

Get US out! of the United Nations http://www.getusout.org/

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