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Sherman Austin, webmaster of RaisetheFist.com, was sentenced today, August 4, 2003, to one year in federal prison, with three years of probation. Judge Wilson shocked the courtroom when he went against the recommendation of not only the prosecution, but the FBI and the Justice Department, who had asked that Austin be sentenced to 4 months in prison, and 4 months in a half-way house, with 3 years of probation.


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If I go to jail, then I will go to jail not based on my actions, but
based on what I think" .

The shut down of Raise The Fist website was first reported on LA
Indymedia and San Fransisco Indymedia when the heavily armed FBI
raided the home of the webmaster.

Now, on August 4th 2003, the court ruled one year in prison,
exceeding everybodys expectation. Sherman took a plea bargain because
he feared his case was eligible for a terrorism enhancement, which
could have added 20 years to his sentence. The plea deal had called
for him to serve four months. more info.
An Audio report is available on Radio4all.

In his own words, Austin says,
On Jan 24, 2002 , my home was surrounded and raided by approximately
25 heavily armed FBI and Secret Service agents in one of the
governments first attempts to exercise the new US Patriot Act. I was
interrogated for several hours while they ransacked my room and they
seized a network of computers which I used to run my web site
raisethefist.com. They also seized protest signs, and political
literature. Their excuse was a protest guide (which I didn't author)
that was posted to my site which a small portion contained
information on explosives. The FBI had been monitoring the site long
before this was ever posted, and long before Sept 11. The "explosives
information" on my site (again which I didn't author) doesn't compare
to what you can find on any other web sites such as
howthingswork.com, Loompanics.com, Bombshock.com, Totse.com,
Amazon.com, or the many neo nazi web sites which cover everything
from assassinations, explosives, fraud and firearms.

raisethefist.com has been under extensive government monitoring since
1999, sometimes with over 100 hits from the U.S Department of Defense
in a single day. The FBI, police department, NSA and government's
from the UK, Canada, Lavtia, Belgium, Egypt, Finland, and Australia
monitered the site continuesly. The FBI had intercepted all packets
going through the DSL line hosting the site, and have seized
additional accounts being used by the site.

For more background information read the article on "What the FBI
doesn't want you to see at raisethefist.com". The development of the
site can also be viewed in the webarchive. Broad discussion were also
held on discussion forums such as Slashdot



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