Thu Aug 7 19:46:49 2003

In an astounding interview by Tom Valentine (24 Oct 1999) on Radio Free America with Andrew St. George the two developed the emerging scandal of Israel's secret arms deal with Red China. They referred to the Cox Committee hearings and stated that "unfortunately , the official Cox 'investigation' into China's capture of American technology covered up Israel's involvement."

Valentine stressed that the Reagan administration allowed the trade to escalate in the 1980s, with the help and encouragement of such officials as Richard Perle, Stephen Bryen, Fred Ickle and Paul Wolfowitz ..."They were the kingpins of the Defense Department in the Reagan years."

In case you missed it, they are now back as key advisers to President Bush II; in fact, the leading war hawk pressing for our armed forces to go to war against the Muslim World is the Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz.

We are being deluged by the current crop of Israel Firsters, all shouting "It's time to declare war". and "First war of 21st Century" ( Alan Dershowitz on CNN - William Kristol, Washington Times - Leonard Piekoff, Washington Post)), and former Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, appearing before the U.S. Congress,

QUO VADIS? (Whither Goest?)

To better grasp where we are heading (other than to the Khyber Pass), we can dip back to recent history (Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Kosovo) to get a better focus of the direction we are going, even though our commander-in-chief has yet to define the specific enemy.

"Terrorism is like sin; everybody is agin'it."

To those of us who have actually engaged an enemy (often contrived) on the battlefield, and/or who have an-n-chaired other wars from a vantage point, say, the E-Ring of the Pentagon, the pomposity and solemnity and the speechifying of our fearless politicians, as well as their favorite talking heads on the idiot box, is eerily familiar. It is in fact de ja vous all over again.

Once again, we will rely on "perpetual war for perpetual peace" to bring us out of the abyss of a major financial collapse. We either turn out the Barbarians Inside the Gates, or we prepare for the long dark night of no return. There is no longer a third option.

It's curtain call at the Little Theater off Times Square... Be There!

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