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Lack of Seismic Signal may Be the Best Clue to Flight 77

from: Cheryl Seal

In Part 4 of Smoking Gun: the 9/11 Evidence that may Hang G. W. Bush", I pointed out that there was no detectable (above background seismic "noise") seismic signal from the Pentagon crash. There should have been SOME signal if an object with the mass of the full sized jet hit the Pentagon, and hit it so low to the ground as to constitute a "glancing", just off-vertical strike (as opposed to horizontal).

I confirmed the lack of a signal with two seismologists (see letter exchange below). My first theory (as written in Smoking Gun) was that an explosive device was aboard flight 77 - of an advanced type that could all but vaporize the plane. Not only was the plane (according to my theory) remotely controlled from the ground, but the explosive device was triggered remotely. The device was tripped in the split second BEFORE the craft hit the Pentagon, thus vaporizing most of the evidence and leaving a diminished hole in the wall. The security video stills have shown that the plane that approached the wall was not a commercial jet-sized plane, but something much smaller.

I think it is very interesting that Barbara Olson, who allegedly died in the crash just HAPPENED to have had a book due for release the very next week. This "coincidental setup" (her alleged "heroic" death JUST as her book comes out) helped boost her book sales dramatically, thereby greatly fattening the Olson bank account.. I would love to be in a position to trace the money trail from her book proceeds to Ted Olson's account and from there to....maybe some place in South America or the South Pacific? Can't you just see Babs (under an assumed name, of course) lounging on the beach on some unmapped island, waiting for Ted to join her at some future date, smugly sure she had helped pull off one of the biggest scams in history?

Here's a link to Part 4 of Smoking Gun, with details about Flight 77 and the Pentagon:

Here's my interchange with USGS seismologists re: Flight 77:

Keepin' the Faith,

To Cheryl,

In your "Smoking Gun 4" article, you speculate about the possibility that the Pentagon plane might have exploded before impact, based on the seismic signals. I have seen the forensic analyses of only the WTC collapse signals, and not the others, but from basic principles, please consider these differences:

The WTC seismic signals were from the two collapses -- well-coupled, vertical sources of tremendous mass. The source of the seismic signals was not from the plane impacts or explosions -- mostly horizontal impacts that were well-damped by the building structures. A near-vertical airplane impact would also couple a lot of energy into the ground, though nowhere near as much as the WTC collapses. At the Pentagon, by contrast, the (presumed, hypothetical?) impact was nearly horizontal, thus being mostly absorbed again by the structure, leaving much less energy to couple into the ground.

Thus, assuming seismic stations within a close enough distance to actually record whatever seismic signal there might be, you would expect a significant signal from the WTC, much less from Flt. 93, and almost none from the Pentagon. My conclusion, from my area of expertise, is that I don't think your item B.3 contributes anything to your argument.
Having said that, I still enjoy your writing, and encourage you to keep asking these questions.

Best regards,

Thanks for the note. I felt the lack of ANY seismic signal, even extremely small, was very odd. I did quite a bit of reading on mine-generated seismic activity - which isn't always due to a vertical, high-mass impact. Fireballs caused by accumulated combustible dust and gas that roar horizontally along tunnels, and produce explosions can cause some seismic activity, as can the shift of a large mass, which causes settling or even sharp changes in barometric pressure (I know of course, that this is not news to you). So I thought it quite strange that NO seismic activity at all was recorded. This suggested (going on the mine idea) that the impact of the explosion was sustained in open air, not in a confined space. I imagine I could have gone into this detail for my reasoning, but figured it would be lost on most people and sound too pedantic.

I was very surprised, btw that I didn't get any feedback from geologists on my article about earthquakes in Afghanistan...that's actually how I came to be reading up on mines and rockburst. The frequency of very large quakes in Northeast Afghanistan has, beyond a doubt increased since October way beyond what would be expected even for that area, with its hundreds upon hundreds of minor quakes per day... I thought for sure you would weigh in on that one!

I am glad that we can agree to disagree, in any case!

All the best, Cheryl


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