Ray Karczewski was charged with two traffic infractions
Sat Aug 9 01:18:56 2003

Ray Karczewski was charged with two traffic infractions by the County of Josephine and the State of Oregon. Because they violated Ray's God given un alienable rights he filed a damage claim in the form of a Commercial Lien for $21,000,000.00/ It was accepted and filed by the Oregon Secretary of State as a lien meeting State requirement for filing said lien. Now the DA upped the charges to many felonies over what he is saying is an illegal court filing or a simulated process, I personally think the DA stretched it in order to scare Ray into removing a lien that was filed meeting legal requirements for a Lawful lien, False filing I don't think so. When the People are afraid of Government you have tyranny, Do we have tyranny here in Josephine County?, It appears we do....Jack Aiken lancaster, Chair, People Committee, bringing freedom to the People and stooping the usurpation of the Power of the People. God gave his People dominion over the Eartn. Who rules in America, the Poeple or the Public Servants?


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