Jack Aiken Lancaster
The trial of the retired Police Sergeant Ray Karczewski
Sat Aug 9 01:16:19 2003

The trial of the retired Police Sergeant Ray Karczewski

The People know there is something seriously wrong in the trial of the retired Police Sergeant Ray Karczewski. Two long time judges have recused themselves from this case and assigned a pro tem judge who has little experience as a judge. The judges know this trial is a jot potato and that the charges against Ray are extra-ordinary and highly un usual. It must have taken a long search of the Oregon Revised Statutes to find them. Seemingly the DA is desperate to get Ray convicted or force a plea bargain contract. There is a Lawfully filed $21,000,000.00 Commercial Lien filed against the County of Josephine caused by the seemingly exuberance of Public Servants to get a conviction over justice. There are too many DAs trying to establish a conviction record rather that seeking justice. Ray is the only one that can remove the Commercial Lien of $21,000,000.00 and the damages are going up by $60,000.00 per day. It is bound to affect the credit rating of the County of Josephine. They should be negotiating with Ray to settle this lawfully filed lien instead of badgering him. Why the People are not up in arms is beyond me. This is a serious travesty and no Public Official seems to know what to do except bully Ray Karczewski to force the lien removal. It the lien is not properly filed why not sue to remove the lien instead of the course they are taking. They have turned two infractions into may felonies. If that is not abusive I do not know what is......Jack Aiken Lancaster, Chair, People Committee, Grants Pass, Josrphine County, Oregon...


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