Judge orders Ten Commandments removed from courthouse
Fri Aug 8 14:57:37 2003

One more reason we need to go to Montgomery, and support Judge Roy Moore.
[ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 8/5/03 ]

Judge orders Ten Commandments removed from courthouse

The Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A federal judge ordered Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore
on Tuesday to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial
Building within 15 days or face possible daily fines against the state.

U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson of Montgomery, who has ruled the
5,300-pound monument violates the constitutional ban on government promotion
of religion, lifted a stay he had previously issued while Moore appealed.

Moore, whose stand was rejected by an appeals court, has said he plans to
turn to the U.S. Supreme Court with his argument that the monument should
remain in the judicial building.

Thompson's ruling came a day after Moore filed a curt, two-paragraph brief
with the court, claiming that Thompson did not have the authority to make
him remove the black granite monument.

Thompson's order Tuesday said the monument must be moved from the public
areas of the building by Aug. 20, but could remain in a private area, such
as Moore's chambers. The building houses the Supreme Court chamber and
offices of appeals court judges.

The monument is in the rotunda, one of the first things seen upon entering.

If Moore does not comply with the order, Thompson said he does not plan to
take immediate action to physically remove the monument, but may fine the
state each day that the monument remains in the rotunda.

An attorney for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Ayesha
Khan, one of three groups that filed suit challenging the monument, said it is
time for Moore to remove it.

"The monument is becoming a millstone around the neck of Alabama. It is time
to let reason prevail over politics," Khan said.

Tom Parker, an attorney for Moore, said they would respond after getting a
chance to review Thompson's latest order.


Saturday August 16th 2003 men of God, and their families will join thousands
of other fellow Christians to support Judge Roy Moore on the steps of the
Alabama Supreme Court Building at 10:00 A.M. in Montgomery, Alabama.

This Rally is an opportunity for all Americans to “do something “ about the
preservation of the blessing God has given all Americans, namely,

“One Nation Under God”

“Do Something” opportunities, are as follows….

1. Everyone is invited to attend the Rally 10:00 A.M. Saturday the 16th
as well as come early to the Chapel services that will begin 24 hours
before the Rally, Friday August 15th, at 10 A.M.


Town Place Suites

5047 Carmichael Road
Montgomery, Alabama 36106

1-334-396-5505 Telephone

1-334-396-5504 FAX

“The Wiley Drake Show” on Crusade Radio will have an on going emphasis on
“ONE NATION UNDER GOD”, and will welcome call in reports from anyone on this
subject. The show times are as follows..

www.crusaderadio.com Monday through Thursday 9:00 A.M. California time.
During the week of July 28-31 the Wiley Drake show will be 2 hours,
encouraging Churches and organizations to report on their planned
celebrations. “LIVE” call in during show is 1-800-839-3048

Wiley Cell # 1-714-865-8132

Pastors, Churches, and other organizations that cannot go to the Montgomery
Rally are asked to have local Rallies at their own locations, such as
Churches and parks. Churches are also being asked to have a “ONE NATION
UNDER GOD” emphasis in their Sunday August 17th Worship Services. Some are
having pick nick celebrations on Saturday Aug. 16, and some on Sunday Aug.
17. Others who meet Saturday night will have a special “ONE NATION UNDER
GOD” emphasis also.

While serving my Country in the late 60’s I became a Christian, while on
board the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Kitty Hawk. After I became a Christian, I
was invited to a CHAPEL service on the hanger deck, where the Chaplain led
us to pray for wisdom, and God’s protection, before our ship entered the
battle zone, in Viet Nam.

Judge Roy Moore in Montgomery Alabama has been in battle for several years
in an attempt to protect the ability of a U.S. citizen to acknowledge
Almighty God in a public place. In his duty as the Chief Justice of the
State of Alabama he installed a monument to the 10 Commandments, in the
Alabama State Supreme Court building. For several years he has battled, and
lost, to maintain this freedom. We are praying that the Supreme Court of the
U.S. will hear this case.

In regard to this battle, I would like to draw your attention to the
following events that will take place in Montgomery Alabama on Friday August
15th at 10:00 A.M. and the very important Rally that will be held Saturday
August 16th 10:00 A.M. on the steps of The Alabama Supreme Court Building.

Friday August 15th at 10:00 A.M. Chapel services and prayer 24 hours in
advance of the August 16, Saturday Rally


Townplace Suites

5047 Carmichael Rd.

Montgomery, Alabama 36106

1-334-396-5505 Telephone

1-334-396-5504 FAX

Please come for the Chapel service anytime during these 24 hours. We also
need some to come and “stay by the stuff” I Samuel 30:24, in constant

Dear friends, and brothers in Christ, we are at war and we are praying for a
great turn out for this Rally on Saturday August, 16th 2003.

Crusade Radio and ‘The Wiley Drake Show” will host the Chapel Services, and
do “live” broadcast as the Lord leads, and airtime is available.

To contact Wiley in California or while in Montgomery call 1-714-865-8132,
remembering this is a cell phone.

Pastor Wiley can also be reached at his Church office 1-714-522-7201

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