shootdown ... Why hide it?
Fri Aug 8 20:30:16 2003

"There are a few witnesses quoted in reports that I've seen on the Internet who said they saw a highly maneuverable small jet overfly the main crash scene at very low altitude only moments after impact. This suggests a shootdown. Why hide it? It was a horrible decision to make but under the circumstances it was the right decision."

[[The most nefarious possible reason to "hide it" is that this was the only plane on which we're told the passengers resisted, and might thwart the plan. Many have speculated *that* is the real reason -- pointing to high-level "insiders" involved.

Also, I heard news reports today that Flight 93 tapes are inconclusive as to what actually caused the crash. There is much confusion, noise, static, voices in English and *Arabic* -- curiously, the only remnant of four planes which (supposedly) places Arabic speakers on any of them.

Of course, these are just regurgitated reports -- none of the talking heads actually listened to the tapes.]]

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