Stephen M. St, John
FBI on United Flight 93 out of Newark
Fri Aug 8 19:29:49 2003

In my opinion the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are deliberately lying to the public on what really happened to United Flight 93 out of Newark on 9/11. My boss Marion Britton was on this flight so anyone reading this can rest assured that I am not saying something outrageous and controversial for the sake of getting attention.

First, the debris field of United Flight 93 extended for 6 to 8 miles according to the residents of this locality near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This alone is proof enough of an airborne explosion.

Second, it is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, virtually impossible to make a cell phone call from a commerical jet airliner. It is simply going too fast for the cell phone to keep reengaging with the relay transmitter towers along the flight path. None of these supposed calls were made directly to family members; none of the phone records of these alleged calls have been produced; none of this hearsay evidence would be permitted in a court of law. The only thing we can be sure of is that the lawful authorities and the mass media are repeating these stories as fact even though they are not fact. I noticed the other day how Tom Ridge cocked his head and fastened his gaze on the camera when he repeated that United Flight 93 crashed into the ground.

Of course the clinching proof of the presence of Arab terrorists on board United Flight 93 is found in the stills from the video surveillance that is in place at all modern airports including Newark International Airport. Well, when are we going to see this proof?

How in this day and age does one board a flight and hijack it and crash it and not appear - in either a real or an assumed name - on the flight manifest?

There are a few witnesses quoted in reports that I've seen on the Internet who said they saw a highly maneuverable small jet overfly the main crash scene at very low altitude only moments after impact. This suggests a shootdown. Why hide it? It was a horrible decision to make but under the circumstances it was the right decision.

Stephen M. St. John

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