Stephen M. St, John
Bush Fishing 6 August 2001?
Fri Aug 8 18:54:28 2003

Dear Mr. Dean,

I think you have made an excellent presentation including analysis and forward-looking focus on the necessary questions. I hope the 9/11 Commission pays close attention to what you have written.

As for President Bush, I have heard different stories as to what he was doing on 6 August 2001 when our intelligence community passed him information that should have caused him to alert all concerned, from the pilots to the security guards, from NORAD to the FAA etc. etc. etc..
I have heard that Bush was emulating Reagan by cutting brush on his ranch. I have heard he was fishing. Maybe both. And certainly a president is entitled to rest and relaxation. But this report from the intelligence community was there with him on his ranch in Texas and he could have and should have seen it and made just one phone call to delegate the task of sounding the alarm to an assistant. Pilots, lock your doors, then start your engines; that kind of thing. I am afraid that the President's evasiveness is not a good sign.

Stephen M. St. John

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