Re: 9/11 Excellent Points!
Sat Aug 9 00:57:31 2003

Re: 9/11 Excellent Points!

Excellent points! You are right - even after the most devastating crashes, there's always pieces of luggage (however small) and inevitably some strange items that survive intact, like, say something made of an alloy metal or even someone's diamond jewelry. You are right...the lack of this material is very strange. And, as the "crash" occurred in the newly reconstructed wing, who's to say that a very sophisticated remotely triggerable bomb wasn't implanted right into the wall? This would give the perps maximum control....It would explain why Donald Rumsfeld, if he was in on it (as I would suspect he would be) was in the OPPOSITE side of the building, confident that the "plane" would not accidentally penetrate all the way through (across the central courtyards and to the far wing). It couldn't, because it wasn't a plane!

Also, a bomb positioned in the middle of the wall might not create any seismic waves at all, because the explosion would not be an impact, but an outward thrust of energy, which would have been absorbed to a great extent (in terms of seismic impact) by the specially reinforced walls. There is a strong feeling among some architectural experts that the WTC collapses could NOT have been caused by the impact of the planes - especially as the impacts took place at very different heights - yet the collapse pattern was IDENTICAL.

BTW - I have noticed that everytime a hot topic gets played out on the internet, the mainstream media starts a "confuse and deflect" strategy. This week, in addition to flight 77 being the subject of intense scrutinyon line, the story came out in a Portugal newspaper that a panel of U.S. civilian and military pilots had determined from the evidence that the four planes on Sept 11 were ALL remotedly controlled - that they could not have been manned by pilots with the experience level of the alleged "terrorists." Now, on all the mainstream news outlets, suddenly, there are all these stories on Flight 93. This is a classic CIA strategy - substitute the real story you don't want people to hear about with another one that is similar enough to be both distracting and confusing.

The best we can all hope for is that more and more gutsy folks who have critical information come forward. And that at least one or two mainstream media people finally find their spines.

Best, Cheryl 

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