Stephen M. St, John
Precursors to remote control attacks of 9/11?
Fri Aug 8 17:46:33 2003

In reference to the conclusions drawn by Col. Donn de Grand Pre and associates concerning the probability that the 9/11 attacks were conducted by remote control of jet aircraft, a hijacking of the hijackers for quality control if you will, I wish to share an article that I wrote and faxed around the nation and the world on 31 October 2000, exactly one year to the day after EgyptAir Flight 990 went down with a large percentage of the Egyptian Army's general officers. Previous versions were also faxed on 9 December 1999, 9 January 2000, 31 January 2000 (the day of the tragic loss of the Alaskan Airways jet off Point Mugu) and 24 March 2000. The complete text is as follows (the instruction to "see photo" in the penultimate paragraph cannot be accomodated in this E-Mail for technical reasons; however, readers are invited to go to


The 31 October 1999 crash of EgyptAir Flight 990 invites comparison with the mysterious loss of a United States Air Force EC-135N about 50 miles north-northwest of Washington DC on 6 May 1981. Both Boeing jets were flying on autopilot at cruising altitudes when, without any indication of distress, they suddenly went into nosedives that nearly reached the speed of sound.

Unlike the doomed EgyptAir jet, the EC-135N had no black box on board. Even so, it is apparent that the Air Force jet's autopilot was - just as in the case of EgyptAir Flight 990 - suddenly disengaged right before the descent because it failed to overcome the pitch trim's unexplained move to the full nose-down position, which analysis of the fully recovered debris revealed to be the cause of the crash. Evidence also indicates total loss of electricity at altitude; the quick last resort effort required of the pilot to regain control manually was somehow not forthcoming. There were no allegations of suicide.

Falling from 29,000 feet, the EC-135N broke through a 2,000 feet cloud cover still intact whereupon an explosion occurred inside the pressurized compartment of the fuselage. In the ensuing breakup of the aircraft 17 crewmembers and 4 authorized passengers were killed. The cause of the explosion remains undetermined to this day but the Accident Investigation Report notes that the aircraft was in an unrecoverable condition at the time of the explosion and a crash was already inevitable.

The EgyptAir Boeing 767's dive to the ocean from 33,000 feet also indicates an aircraft falling in an unrecoverable condition with catastrophic breakup of the craft near the end of its fall.

Also, just seconds before its mysterious plunge, the EC-135N emitted anomalous transponder beacon signals that are suggestive of electromagnetic wave interference; was there a similar prelude to the demise of the EgyptAir jet? Were both planes brought down by remote control of the pitch trim setting?

Touching on statecraft and politics, one finds that the EgyptAir 767 and USAF EC-135N disasters - events quite rare indeed - both just happen to involve Israel's national security, which any legitimate investigation must consider very carefully.

EgyptAir Flight 990 carried a sizeable contingent of high-ranking Egyptian military personnel involved in US-sponsored armaments programs deemed by many Israelis, including former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Communications Director David Bar Ilan, to be a dire threat to the Jewish State.

And just weeks before the EC-135N crash a heated debate began on Capitol Hill on the merits of the Reagan Administration proposal to sell for hard cash to Saudi Arabia an arms package that included five AWACS jets. Such jets in the hands of the Saudis, as Senator Joseph Biden then argued, would let them strip Israel's most secret defenses totally naked! But few in this great AWACS debate knew that the EC-135N was nothing other than an AWACS jet, only with the sophisticated electronic signal and surveillance equipment housed in a protruding nose section (see photo) rather than in the more familiar disk-shaped structure on top of the craft. Indeed, few in the debate knew that the AWACS program that they were discussing had just suffered a significant loss of key personnel in the still unexplained EC-135N crash!

As with JFK assassination cover-ups (JFK wanted to end Israel's nuclear weapons program and prevent a concomitant arms race in the Middle East, which Meyer Lansky & Company didn't let him do) and USS Liberty cover-ups (this US Navy electromagnetic surveillance ship almost overheard the stark reality of Israel's "Miracle" taking of the Golan 1 2 3), free and open discussion of matters related to Israeli security interests is discouraged; indeed, the American newsmedia's coverage of the EgyptAir 767 and USAF EC-135N disasters has been tantamount to public relations services for the Jewish State! Such a political climate, together with the lack of credibility already exhibited by the FBI, the CIA and the NTSB in the case of the TWA Flight 800 shootdown, do not bode well for justice and democracy in the USA.

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