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Why are we still in Iraq.....?
Sun Aug 10 10:52:36 2003

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote that I think adds evidence to the idea that Bush not only created this war on false pretenses, but is prolonging it on false pretenses as well. I personally feel certain that the bombing of the Jordanian embassy was NOT an Iraqi guerilla job. I doubt if it was a CIA job, either. I think it was a Halliburton goon-for-hire job.

From: INVISIBLE TROOPS: US Peacekeepers Grounded at Home
(all about Bush's systematic underuse and misuse of America's highly specialized conflict-diffusing PSYOPS soldiers)

Bush II, unlike any past president, has failed to include anything in his war plans but bombing. There is no provision for any other element, no OOTW at all, much less a post-war plan. By sharp contrast, in 1942, with World War II still raging and its end unforeseeable, FDR directed the Defense Department to incorporate post-war planning into its overall military strategy planning. To implement this, several Civil Affairs Training Schools were established, including the School for the Government of Occupied Areas. The 14th PSYOPS was founded in 1943. Thanks in large part to this effort and the US tight-knit cooperation with its allies, the aftermath of WWII -the most geographically consuming, vicious conflict in human history- was incredibly smooth, especially as compared to the aftermath of WWI. After WWI, with no coherent post-war planning in place, a desperate, hate-conducive environment in Germany was fostered that incubated Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. Post-war Iraq, alas, is far more reminiscent of what happened in post-WWI Germany.

What makes this situation totally unforgivable is that the tools required to do the job right are available, but remain unused. The men and women of the PSYOPS were ready and waiting to use their skills. The UN, with decades of up-to-the-armpits experience in nasty postwar environments, was ready and willing to help. The US military has hundreds of officers who have been well trained to address highly specialized problems such as those now being encountered in postwar Iraq. Instead of drawing on these formidable resources, Bush has instead opted to draw on the pontificating rants of rightwing armchair warriors like Harry Sumner. In Sumner's 1995 book, The New World Strategy he dismisses peace operations as a waste of military effort and "sense of purpose." Sumner, like Rumsfeld, is obsessed only with dropping bombs on someone, not waging peace. Yet interview after interview with US soldiers in Iraq reveal that the only thing that has so far given these men and women any sense of purpose in their grueling job has been seeing a difference made in Iraqi life.

Alas, in Iraq, as in all other policy areas, Bush has relied on a corporate, rather than diplomatic or even military, solution to his problems. Instead of deploying the backbone of the Psychological Operations Company, he sent Ahmed Chalabi, a corporate-style wheeler-dealer despised by most Iraqis and wanted by the Jordanian government for a massive fraud operation. Instead of having trained peacekeepers in place throughout the country, he sent reps from Bechtel, Halliburton, and other defense/oil corporations. Meanwhile, the guys and gals from the 14th -one of the largest, best-trained PSYOPS outfit in the country, with the longest, proudest history, have been forced to sit idle in taxpayer funded hotel rooms in North Carolina, awaiting a call up that never comes.

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