Charles Thomson
Lies, Lies, Lies
Wed Aug 6 02:50:52 2003

"No, for I should contradict all the histories of the great events of the Revolution, and show by my account of men, motives and measures, that we are wholly indebted to the agency of providence for its successful issue. Let the world admire the supposed wisdom and valor of our great men. Perhaps they may adopt the qualities that have been ascribed to them, and thus good may be done. I shall not undeceive future generations."

Charles Thomson, signer of the Declaration of Independence, outlining the reasons why he refused to write a true history of the American Revolution.


In other words, Thomson did not wish to reveal the unseen hand of satan("the agency of providence") working in the shadows to bring about success, despite the bumbling and general incompetence of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. I will not tell you the truth.

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