Bush/CIA/Mafia Mind Control Victim
Epidemic in the Northwest
Wed Aug 6 14:00:31 2003

Epidemic in the Northwest
Bush/CIA/Mafia Mind Control Victim

This is just a warning to the rest of this country, the Northwest is overwhelmed with the brake down of the American Family where the female of the human species is quickly becoming a low key addict.

The night scene in the Northwest is devoid of females, single females, or thereof, hetero ual females, and whereas, when a man, that is a single hetero male is seeking to find a hetero female, there are none.

It is common for the so called, “married women,” who wants to protect her image in the community will sneak her female lovers into her house the first chance that her husband isn’t at home.

My own wife I discovered was carrying on relationships while also carrying on a prostitution business with her friend catering to wealthy east side Seattle women. Women are evidently excited by watching this display, and if men are considered to be s, this is no longer the reality, it is wealthy - women who are today’s s. In truth, - ity is only a façade and at the core of this issue is women are becoming and hiding behind the - disguise.

ism is an overwhelming fad in the single female community and has over run the mindset of the local college s, and professional working female, and it has taken over the mindset of the high school females at a rate that is alarming.

The Northwest is earmarked for mass destruction by 2007, due not only to the Elitist International Satanist Banking Mafia who own and control all banks, all communication industries, and launder their hundreds of trillions of dollars around the planet daily and who are responsible for 911, (Sodom Hussein, Khomeini, Castro, and Bin Laden, and the CIA created Al Qaida are a few of the many deep plant Bush/CIA/Mafia created and funded agents) all mass killings, all terrorism world wide, and for their laundering their money out of the American economy that was their planned recession with their Bush Crime Family acting as their selected president, have planned, the global population mass elimination by 2007, and the Northwest is ground zero.

The stock market is just a big money laundering machine, and now the American people can observe while the globalist Elite’s launder their trillions of dollars through the American based stock exchanges (the Wall Street Casino) and fool the sheep by bringing up the stock and bond markets for their next puppet selections/elections.

The Elite’s highly developed mind control transmitting technology is in part responsible for the epidemic that has now completely over whelmed the Northwest female mindset, and destroyed the more then nine tenths of the local families here.

The Northwest is good place to stay away from.

Satanist Black Pope Jesuits working with Mafia elements embedded deep within the Mormon and Jewish communities control the entire banking, communications, corporate, and Bureaucratic governmental infrastructure throughout the entire Northwest.

In the mean time the Northwest is breaking down and becoming a Sodom and Gomora and from the looks of it and at the rate that female of the human species is denying any physical attraction to the male of the species in this region, it would appear to be about three years before mass destruction is planned by the Globalist Elites here.

The entire area is a rampant with perversion with approximately fifty single males for every single female and when more then seventy percent of the female population is , there is a strong indication of cultural break down, and final destruction in the near term, and this will occur when the Elites designate this, and they already had this planned a long time ago.

The area is over run with their crack cocaine that is synthetic and manufactured right here in this country by the way, and it is every where, and it serves in part as part of the Bush/Cheney/CIA/Mafia mind control program.

The synthetic crack cocaine is rampant through out the Northwest and in particular every where in the Seattle King County region and it is distributed by the Chinese/Japanese/Laos/Vietnamese Mafia working side by side with the Mexican and German Jesuit/Jewish Mafias who are out right blatant with their operations right in front of the local corrupt and out of control police authority who are all controlled by the big daddy of control who are the Bush/Cheney CIA Mafia.

The Elites must look at it like this: Let the masses have their drugs, let them carry on with their perversions, let the culture completely break down and then have the population eliminated.

All the writing is on the wall, the end is very near and for the few good people out their, plan for your own survival while you can, and get out of the cities, go to areas where there are like minded good people who will work together for the good of the entire community.

The Elites have planned the area of Omaha, Nebraska where their North American Elitist Mafia Satanist Banker and known e, Warren Buffet, (The Franklin Cover-up, John Decamp) will create and administer the next Globalist banking pinnacle of control there, after their planned global mass destruction, for the sheep who are capable of surviving this next planned global war to maintain the Elite’s debt over their sheep.

The Elite’s have spent their hundreds of trillions of dollars building huge under ground cities through out the planet especially deep underneath all major banking capitals, that are connected by an elaborate high speed electro magnetic shuttles that travel at more then mach three, and that were made using Bush/Kessinger administrated German SS Scalar Beam technology that vaporizes solid mantle rock thousands of feet into the interior of the planet, that can carve a hundred and fifty foot in diameter tunnel at more then thirty miles and hour and they have been building these vast under ground shuttle systems since before world war two.

They also have an extremely advanced space station system that utilizes advanced electromagnetic gyroscopic pulsed aether technology that over rides the gravity effect and that some people refer to as anti-gravity.

Much of this technology is the derivative of the German SS advances in electro magnetic gyroscopic pulsed aether technology since before World War Two.

The Bush Family were a key funding source of the Reichstag through out World War Two, were responsible for the importing of the head scientists of the German SS at the end of World War Two, and who since that time have utilized this imported scientific consortium to build for the Elite’s their vast and very secret under ground infrastructure, their vast and extremely advanced interplanetary anti gravitational technology system, and why the sheep haven’t been to the moon lately, is because the Elites are currently mining it, and they have vast communities on it, and as well as on Mars, and numerous other planetary, asteroid, moon, and various space station platform locations through out our solar system.

Get ready America, you only have three years to get ready, learn what you can about your enemy, the Globalist Satanist Banking Mafia, and for all you good Christian people, stop praying for the Bush Crime Family, and start praying for your own well being, and for your own survival.

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