Bush/CIA/Mafia Mind Control Victim
Radionics is used by the Elites to Control the Masses
Sun Jul 6 10:53:35 2003

Radionics is used by the Elites to Control the Masses
Bush/CIA/Mafia Mind Control Victim

The following is a brief input on a little known and highly suppressed technology that is referred to as being "Radionics."

The evil powers that be, the Elites, are buffering themselves with their own means of black magic, and various routine and ritualistic practices of their Satan worship including their use of the science that I had studied for more then ten years that is known to be Radionics, which anyone can research this by going to search engines and typing in the search box, "Radionics."

A scientist that I had studied under, Dr. Jerry Fridenstine who was murdered back in 1991, when they literally murdered him in a Ohio Hospital in a farming area in Ohio where Jerry and his wife Tess lived, when all that Jerry had gone in to this local hospital for was to have a minor ankle cast taken off his foot, the Elites ordered for his murder, which was planned for him when he was to be at the hospital, and then when Jerry wasn't looking they injected him with some exotic chemical and Tess, Jerry's wife, then was informed that day that her husband was deceased by a telephone call from the hospital.

The Fridenstine family was further blocked from being able to receive coroner's report or even an autopsy and the govenment detained his body illegally for more then a week.

Jerry Fridenstine had converted more then three thousand midwest farms from using Dupont urea based chemical fertilizers which are part of the Elites gigantic scam to destroy the indepentent corporations and family farmer's soil, becuase the farmers are reliant on the Educational and Rockefeller supported Agricultural departments to keep them informed and when they had and still do go along with these Satanist Elitist support programs their soil is destroyed and Jerry was the Godsend who by using a little known science called Radionics, and this science is fully endorsed by the former head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture at Florida State University's Department of Interferometry, a good guy named Philip Callahan, (they also murdered this great man and world renown author/lecturer in the middle 1990's after two seperate
attempts, and I also worked with Dr. Callahan).

Well, Jerry Fridenstine taught these more then three thousand midwest farmers how to use Radionics, incorporating also the use of Rudolph Steiner's practice and science of Bio-Dynamic Farming combined with well founded organic agriculture methods, they were able to restore their soil, while also learning about the Rockefeller/Satanist/Elite's backed conspiracy to destroy the American Independent Farmer.

Well, this evidently ticked off the Satanist Elitist's who control the media, the banks, the government, and just about everything else, and they had Jerry Fridenstinve murdered and anybody who knows even a little about anything knows that the heads of all of the U.S.
Intelligencia, all areas, including the heads of all Law Enforcement and Judicial Systems are all praciticing Satanists, and they are a part of this Nationwide ring of Evil power, control, manipulation, treason, theft, corruption, murder, and they want the gentile, the Christian, wiped out, that's us.

Any time somebody gets too wise to them, or in someway throws a monkey wrench in their plans of evil control, and destruction, they send in their Intelligencia to have these Elite administrated intelligencia eliminate them, which is us who are eliminated.

Jerry Fridenstine and his family, before they finally murdered Jerry Fridenstine, were on two known occasions while in their home in Ohio in the 1980's, the victims of the Elite controlled FBI, thus the FBI broke down the Fridenstine's door to their home, entered the home of the
Fridenstine's without proper mandate or warrant, attacked and beat up Jerry and his wife Tess, and illegally confiscated all of Jerry Fridenstine's computers, and radionic archives and equipment.

They are not only using this covered up science of Radionics which can be used for either good or evil, or for simply protecting ones self, or as a weapon against some one thenceforth, using this subtle wave form
technology as an electronic Witch Craft device, and they have huge underground facilities and even their remote and elaborate transmitting technology which they own and control almost all ELF, HAARP, technology, that was in most part sponsored and funded by the likes of the Evil pinnacle of power, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the
British Royal Family, the Bush Family, the Bilderbergs, and the same consortium who meet at the Bohemia Grove Club in California, the all around evil power Elitists, and they are informed and they know, what the dumb sheep don't know anything about, and this dumbing down of the sheep is meant to keep the sheep as sheep, their sheep.

Anyway, we need to start becoming more aware of how these evil Elites are use the phocusing and the directing of this suppressed science of Radionics and how they can use this technology to make us their Scapegoats, and so far it is working for them and not for us.

We are living the lives of Kharmically destroyed souls on this planet while they, the Globalist (banking) Elites are further causing (and profitting from) the masses (the dumb and blind sheep) to be increasingly disenfranchised, to unrightfully hate one another, to kill one another, to mass murder one another, to war with one another, and
amongst each another, while they, the Satanist Elites are prospering and carrying out their powerful and secret crimes against humanity.

With our becoming informed and aware, we can reverse this Kharmic transmitting of EATHER wave forms or thereof the Elite's Satanic directed Radionics or thereof what is literally high tech Witchcraft, and their, the Satanist Globalist Power Elites misdirecting or thereof, they're redirecting the Karmic EATHERs so as to protect themselves from their own evil Kharma, while making us to be their sheep, their scapegoats, and thus we have constant failure, and suffering, loss, and you name it and if you may notice, they are prospering, getting wealthier and constantly gaining more power while we are becoming the
poor and the destitute of the planet, and going through the uncalled for and undeserved pain and suffering, while they, the Globalist Banking Satanic Elites are enjoyng themselves, and preparing themselves with the Sheeps money and resources to live through the Global mass destruction which has already begun.

No kidding, this is how it works, and they further protect themselves by paying homage to the big scumbag himself, the planetary bossman, SATAN, and they are thenceforth protected by SATAN, while we good little Christians can only pray that Christ will hopefully notice our tenacity of belief in Christ and hope that he will recover our souls when we die.

But we need to learn how these Satanist scumbags use us as their scapegoats and start redirecting their negative Kharma back at them and make them pay in this life time for their dirty deeds and not us paying for their misuse of the planetary Kharma and when we do wake up these scumbag parasites will pay, forever, and we have to start waking up soon.


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