To Expand Patriot Act Abuses, Just "Reform" It
Tue Jun 24 11:38:10 2003

Mueller Reorganizes FBI Into Tool of Oppression by Mary Louise

Robert Mueller was the first FBI Director to speak at an ACLU conference. Whatever one may
justifiably think of the American Civil Liberties Union, they asked some questions that a whole
lot of people have been asking.

To Expand Patriot Act Abuses, Just "Reform" It by Harry Goslin

In a recent speech before a gathering of newspaper editors, publishers, and TV executives,
Attorney General John Ashcroft attempted to legitimize Patriot Act provisions such as "roving

We have the Chief of Police of Houston and the District Attorney for Harris County, in which Houston sits, at War with each other. Both trying to blame the other for the revelation of manipulation of DNA evidence to secure convictions of known innocents. The result has revealed what we have been fighting for many, many years to expose. Help spread this far and wide. This is stuff for a 60 minutes type expose. I hope we can, then, also get the Judges investigated right on up the 5th Circuit that covers up for these criminals & traitors. They, the Judges both State and Federal, have been just as much a part of this "conviction culture" oppressing the good people of this City and County in this State for self-serving ego purposes at the expense of the tax payers and the Reputation of our system of government as has the police and prosecutors.

Police Chief: Texas justice unfair
Urges crime lab court of inquiry
Copyright 2003 Houston Chronicle

Criminal defendants in Texas are at the mercy of prosecutors in an unfair system that emphasizes winning rather than justice, Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford said Monday.

"Trial by ambush -- that is a Texas criminal justice problem," the embattled chief said.

In a two-hour meeting with the Houston Chronicle editorial board, Bradford also said he believes there is sufficient probable cause for Harris County judges to convene a court of inquiry to publicly and independently investigate the entire Police Department crime lab, not just the troubled DNA portion.

He distanced himself, however, from any direct responsibility for the problems at the lab, where DNA tests have been suspended amid questions about their accuracy.

Bradford advocated major changes in criminal prosecution that he said would make the justice system more fair.

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