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here is my reply to your letter -- but below you will find Lagasse's new
set of responses, just received. I haven't examined them closely myself yet.


(BTW, Lagasse, at the end, says he is a police officer, not military. )


I forgot to ask your very pertinent question of his past interview history.

I will check the D.C. phone book which is in the local branch of the
public library.

I can't wait to compare his -- hopefully coming -- crash description with
Eglas's unbelievable account of the explosion.

Also interested in where he locates the engine and what he has to say about
the "engine" in the north parking lot -- since he was on the
"evidence-pick-up detail."

I am not so much hoping to discredit this man, as to use everything he says
to support the small-plane thesis -- as Riskus, when carefully questioned,
ended up supporting it.

He has not said he saw the collision or saw the Boeing mowing down poles --
his statements are worded more like deductions. In the end he may, all by
himself, end up supporting the thesis that the trick was done in such a way
that witnesses would be fooled into deducing just what he is deducing.

I think the killer jet was black so it could be mistaken for the shadow of
the Boeing -- that the timing was perfect and the exlosion from the missile
perfectly calculated to hide the Boeing behind it in an instant (possibly
the trailer the split in half and was burning furiously was part of the
distracting and concealing pyrotechnic. Just a possibility I am keeping at
the back of my mind.

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Dear Sgt. Lagasse,

Wow! One efficient and fast man. I haven't read through all these answers
yet. I'll match your comments to the questions and post at once.

Where is the Barracks in relation to the crash -- north or south? Is it
the gas station between the Annex and the crash site or off to one side?

Also, have your observations to reporters appeared in any newspapers, radio
etc. that you know of? It's all new to me, but is your story already "out

Would you like to add anything personal to your responses?

Finally, should I keep your e-address a secret or just give it to any known
investigators or what?

I'll forward any interesting comments from whatever source.

I understand you have done this to "clear the air." There is nothing I want
more than to let go of wrong ideas and enjoy the summer with my daughters.

Enjoy yours.

With gratitude,

Dick Eastman

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From: Lagasse, William, , PFPA
To: 'Dick Eastman'
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 3:56 AM
Subject: RE: Your letters posted and being discussed.

Question #1...to the north of Barracks K

Question #2.... near the top....yes I saw the plane hit them..granted at the
speed it was traveling I cant be 100% sure of exactly where on the
poles...but I did remember a black and orange cab that was struck by one of

Question #3 Wings....there was composite material from the wings in the
area around the poles that had been struck..the fuse could have struck one
of the poles as well.

Question #4..I didn't move for a better view I responded to the impact point
to pull people out of the building and was a few feet from the
trailer.....it was literally a mass of twisted metal that was on fire.

Question#5-6 I could see the fuse, tail, port wing and starboard wing root.
I don't recall a white flash but an orange fire ball. The aircraft
literally disappeared into the building and the associated explosion.

Question# 7 There was no smoke coming from the aircraft

Question#8 It did not bounce, there was no impact point anywhere but the
access road that is about 4 feet from the building....no impact on the

Question#9 I was almost directly behind the aircraft when it went in and
could see the tail an port side

Question 11....A yaw is the axis in which the nose of the aircraft goes to
the left or the right of the center line. If you only use the rudder to
change direction without ailerons it will cause a flat change of attitude
without altering the bank angle of the aircraft...even a small amount of
aileron that low to the ground would have caused a wingtip to hit the
ground...this did not happen yet the plane noticeably yawed to the left.
Had the plane not made that heading change it would have hit somewhere
further to the right of where it did.

Question 12..I was picking things up after we had pulled everyone that was
alive out of the building

Question 13.. it was an explosion that went up and away from me when it
happened...although the debris was scattered to
the north of the impact point the explosion wasn't
lopsided to the right or left

Question 14 The idiots that say an engine landed in the north parking lot
are pretty dense, ALL of the recovered debris was
taken to the North parking DAYS later by trucks and
sifted through by cadaver dogs and evidence
personnel...so there was actually TWO engines there as
well as every bit of wreckage and building debris from
the hole that was made.

Question 15...c/d ring

Question 16...The fuselage

Question 17 no

Question 18....I saw allot of little pieces..I would assume a great deal was
melted but all of that was removed and taken to
the north parking lot..like I said before.

Question 19 The trailer I speak of was a generator..but there were other
trailers in the area that were engulfed after the fact

Question 20....I have no idea, probably because they didn't show anything...

Question 21....THEY DIDN'T SEE IT!!! the fireman got there after the impact,
people on 27 didn't see it until it was on top of
them. There were very few people that had my
perspective...Allot of things I have heard from "witnesses" is
so wrong I know they didn't see a damn thing but only
want to make themselves seem important.

Question 22 I have said all of the things I have said here on TV and Radio
interviews I am only repeating them for your
benefit...I am NOT in the military, I am a Police SGT.

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From: Dick Eastman [mailto:silver@nwinfo.net ]
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 1:30 AM
To: Lagasse, William, , PFPA
Subject: Your letters posted and being discussed.

Dear Sgt. Lagasse,

After getting your letter I must say everything has been put in doubt. You
have been very good to share your observations with me and to let me share
them with discussion forums -- me adding nothing to what you say.

And yes, I admit that the World Trade Center South Tower did swallow that
airliner without scattering a lot of big plane pieces.

You are giving me details I have not gotten anywhere else and I would like
get some more details if you can recall them.

BTW, I have put your letters, without comment, in a permanent place as
article #20:


This is where people go to get the photos and opinion I have put out on the

I'd like to tie up some other details that have been endlessly discussed.

1. You saw the plane from the starboard side. Did the plane pass south or
north of the gas station where you were pumping gas?

2. You did not say whether you saw the poles being struck down. Am I right
in assuming that you did? Did you see how high on any of the poles
contact was made?

3. Can you recall seeing what part of the plane struck any of the poles?

4. You indicate that the plane went over the Naval Annex. Do you recall
how many stories tall the Annex is?

5. You indicate that you did not see the trailer being hit, because there
in less than a minute to see it on fire.

> There was no steep bank, but a shallow bank with
> a heavy uncoordinated left rudder turn causing a severe
> yaw into the building with the starboard side of the cockpit
> actually hitting at about the same time the wing was involved
> with the trailer,

You were able to deduce that the trailer was hit because it was
on fire when you moved for a better view. You say:

> ..where the trailer was struck I cant speak of because rt 27
> blocked my view slightly to the right because it is elevated.

How much of the plane was visible to you as it went in?

6.The security cam shows a white-hot flash. What do you recall of the
flash? Did you see the tail enter the building or the explosion?

7. The plane made an even descent and hit the building very near the
ground. Did you see smoke or contrail or any disturbance before it hit?
(If you have seen the security cam recording pictures, there appears to be
smoke trailing the aircraft, the fin of which is visible behind the yellow
parking pass structure.

8. Do you know where the notion that the plane "bounced" off the lawn came

9. If you did see the plane as it disappeared into the building, where you
watching this from the back or from the side? (That is were you seeing
mostly tail fin, or could you see, for example, the pilot's window?)

10. If you saw it actually going in -- did you see the tail disappear into
the explosion or did the whole plane get swallowed by the building with the
expolsion following or what?

11. You say the rudder was turned causing the plane to "yaw" -- what did
the yaw look like, i.e., what do you mean?

12. You indicate that you were one of those who was on the grounds
"collecting evidence" -- can you say when the order to do that was given?
Are you permitted to say what the instructions were?

13. You say:

> There was almost no debris to the right/south of the
> impact point but I found a compressor blade and carbon
> fiber pieces over 3/4 of a mile away to the north on 27
> when we were collecting evidence.

Did the explosion appear lopsided to you?

14. Some reported that one of the engines landed in the north parking lot.
Did that happen?

15. You saw a smashed engine inside the Pentagon. Which "ring" did you
see it in? Had it been moved by cleanup workers etc. before you saw it (as
far as you know?)

16. Do you know what made that hole in the "C"-ring?

17. Do you know (or have a guess) whether the engine you saw was the port or
starboard engine?

18. Did you see airplane seats or luggage?

19. Do you know from firement or cleanup or your own observation, if most
of the aluminum in the plane melted or broke up into small pieces or what?

19. There was a truck and a generator to the right of the right of the
crash site -- can you tell me where the trailer that was split in half and
burned was in relation to those objects?

20. Do you know why the security camera videos from the gas station and
other security videos were never released after being confiscated?

21. And, finally, why haven't more Pentagon personell and firemen come
forward as you have to put the rumors to rest?

22. ( Did you need special authorization to write to Ken Varden and
afterwards to me, to share what you saw? Are military personell generally
free to discuss what they saw with the public? )

Anyway, I am grateful to you for shedding this light where there has been so
much heat and smoke.

As before I will post whichever questions you answer above, adding no
comment of my own. This is a real contribution to history that many people
will read and discuss.

I thank you for straight answers about what you saw that horrible day.


Dick Eastman
223 S. 64th Ave.
Yakima, Washington 98908

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