Kat Hak Sung
Bush & Blair never thought to think
Thu Jun 19 22:07:02 2003

129. George Bush never thought to think, "I am you, American."

Dear I C H,
I think you are the most stupid person in the world.
I am very disagree with you on Bush & Blair war crimes in Iraq.
Your posting are so stupid. You are so stupid like like Mrs. Chen. Mrs. Chen never thought to think. I think, you too never thought to think, do you?.

This is my opinion about Bush & Blair war crimes in Iraq:

Through my own experience, I feel US has became a 'spy country'.
I started to view things from another angle. When Lewinsky scandal happened and Linda Trip said in her speech,"I am you, American."
I couldn't help to laugh. She thought many people were the same as her, spying on fellow Americans. She is absolutely right. In this country, informant are vastly used by Federal law enforcement agency.

Re. 6. Who need this terror attack and war?
When I first published "FBI knew terror attack in advance", I got an intimidation from someone said that now it's in war times, "even the paranoid and conspiratorialist 'warnings' must be handled judiciously." That's the point. They need "war times" so they can do whatever they want to do to their dislikes. And who are benefit from this attack?
President Bush got high approve rate, intelligence got extended police power, Pentagon got a fat budget. Who are the loser? Civil liberty eroded, budget turned into deficit from surplus. And they even try to tap the social security fund which will face a financial crisis 20 years later. Yet they make this war endless. Osama Bin Laden is still at large. Iraq is on the waiting list. Perhaps Iran.... . Who benefit from it?
No other than George Bush himself.

I think George Bush is an undercover agent for Osama Bin Laden and a covert member of Al quada. Thatís why he let OBL stay at large and keep sending money to Al quada. Thatís why Bush pushed for a war with Iraq to cover up his covert mission to save Osama bin Ladenís. Thatís why Bush knew the WTC terror attack in advance, but did not do nothing to prevent. Policeman never thinks he is an undercover agent of federal law enforcement. Same thing, I think George Bush never thought to think he is an undercover agent for Osama bin Laden, I think. I even think, George Bush never thought to think at all.

I believe the anthrax attack was done by Federal law enforcement agency. They have motives and resources. George Bush donot like
Senator Daschle because he is a whistle blower, making too much noise in Whitehouse. Bush hates noise. Thatís why Bush hates Daschle, so Daschle became the first anthrax victim. Bush and the FBI they are the ones to be benefitted by the attack. They expanded their power by creating public's fear. They intimidated the media and legislation which are the check and balance to their power. They have the authority to access the secret lab under the name of 'security'. (like the case of Wen Ho Lee.)

Thatís why I think George Bush is an undercover agent for Osama bin Laden, inasmuch as policeman is an undercover agent of the federal law enforcment. George Bush uses Iraq War as a cover up for saving Osama bin Ladenís life and help him escape.

To know more, please read my stories in

Beware another terror attack

I've alleged government insiders made the OKC bombing, anthrax attack, sniper case and allowed 911 attack to happen to grip more police power and push for war in Mid-east. They also try to kill everybody who knows about their plan, including me, Kat Hak Sung. Thatís why I was targeted by new high tech weapons such like radiation material, isotopic money, electromagnetic (em) sleep wave, infrared mm-wave scanner and surveillance camera, fluorescent lamps that radiates partical tronics that kills, fluorescent killing guns and portable microwave killing machines, microwave radiation which beams from police goggles that cooked my blood, solidified them to form clog, caused severe chest pain to kill people without trace, leaving death look like heart attack, blood cancer, etc.

Some people argued how could government kill their own people. But US government did planed to attack it's own people in the early 1960s. America's top military leaders reported that drafted plans has been made to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba. President Kennedy has approved the plan. But the plan was sabotaged by the Mafia, so Kennedy did not make it. Thatís why the Mafia killed him.

Compare the recent news and the revelation of the book. Beware another terror attack from our own government. (though always disguised as "enemy combatant" and "terrorist")

News: Within the past three weeks, US intelligence gathered what officials at Scott Air Force Base described as credible evidence of a planned bombing of a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military. (1/13/03, San Jose Mercury News)

Book: They called for hijacking jet airliners, attacking US military bases, blowing up US ships and wounding civilians in Miami, Florida and Washington, DC using paramilitary sniper teams . (northwoods story)

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