Brent Baker
***Media Research Center CyberAlert Special***
Fri Jun 13 16:21:13 2003

***Media Research Center CyberAlert Special***
1:40pm EDT, Friday June 13, 2003

> Two More Hillary Clinton Interviews, Tonight and Monday
> Highlights from Postings This Week on the MRC's

> 1) Hillary Clinton will be a guest on two upcoming shows to
promote her new "non-fiction" book:

-- Tonight, Friday, on PBS's Charlie Rose airing in late night
on most PBS affiliates. In the Washington, DC area, at 11pm on
WHUT-TV channel 32, 12 midnight on WETA-TV channel 26 and at 3pm
Monday on MPT.

-- Monday night on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman.

Hard to imagine either Rose or even Letterman being more of a
kiss-up to her than Barbara Walters' embarrassing performance.

> 2) Highlights of the articles written this week by Clay
Waters, and posted by David Bozell, on the MRC's
Web site dedicated to documenting and exposing the liberal
political agenda of the New York Times. Below, the articles
starting with the most recent and moving back through the week,
followed by the best items from "Elsewhere on the Web."

-- The Times' "Promising" Young Terrorist
Judging by the sympathetic headline to Ian Fisher's story, "A
Sudden, Violent End For a Promising Youth," one might think it was
about a victim of the recent deadly bus bombing in Jerusalem. But
the Times is talking about the bomber. See:

-- That Nasty Mr. Rumsfeld
Craig Smith gets personal in a story on Donald Rumsfeld's
visit to NATO, likening the defense secretary to a bull in a china
shop: "Despite Mr. Rumsfeld's behavior, the NATO ministers managed
to make striking progress on restructuring the alliance..." See:

-- Middle East Moral Equivalency Watch
A deadly blast by the Palestinian terror group Hamas, and an
Israeli counterstrike, motivate the Times into a familiar pattern
of Middle East moral equivalence, portraying the deaths of Israeli
citizens and Palestinian terrorists as equally worthy of
condemnation. See:

-- "Compassion," Conservatism Don't Mix
Two Times tax stories let readers know "compassion" and
"conservatism" are mutually exclusive. See:

-- Friedman Pulls a Krugman
Columnist Thomas Friedman ventures into Paul Krugman territory
in an assault on Bush's tax cuts. See:

-- Israel Targeting of a Terrorist "Damages" Peace Talks
Middle East correspondent Greg Myre again puts the entire
burden for the success of the "peace process" on Israel, saying
its retaliation against a terror attack "further damaged an
already fragile Middle East peace plan." See:

-- Randy Cohen's Impeachment Proceedings
When Times ethics columnist Randy Cohen was asked by CNN's
Aaron Brown about possible Bush administration intelligence
lapses, Cohen sounded armed for impeachment: "If you are so wrong
about all three causes [for war], I wonder if you can honorably
hold -- continue to hold your office." See:

-- Revoking a Blood-Stained Pulitzer
Will notorious pro-Stalinist Times reporter Walter Duranty
finally lose his Pulitzer Prize? The New York Sun reports a new
push to revoke Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer for his Russia coverage.

-- "Ashcroft = McCarthy," Take 17
Bruce Weber's review of a play about a family of 1950's
Communists in Brooklyn throws John Ashcroft into the mix: "Stalin
may inevitably conjure up thoughts of Saddam Hussein, and
McCarthyites might spur comparisons to the Ashcroft Justice
Department..." See:

-- Times Promotes Laughable Lefty Authors
Warren St. John profiles a "scrappy" left-wing publisher who
has employed anti-American author Noam Chomsky, disgraced arms
inspector Scott Ritter and self-important actor Sean Penn (and
acquired a manuscript from the Unabomber). It's a target-rich
environment, but St. John holds his fire. See:

-- Well-Intended Terrorists?
Elvis Mitchell's review of a documentary of the terrorist
group The Weather Underground claims the film "captures a movement
in motion, with its contradictions of good intentions and
narcissism." Mitchell's upbeat tone is remindful of another fond
look at terrorists that appeared in the Times the morning of Sept.
11, 2001. See:

-- Chris Hedges Channels Noam Chomsky
Times reporter Chris Hedges, recently booed off a Rockford
College commencement stage for a tone-deaf anti-war rant, does his
best Noam Chomsky impersonation during an online discussion of his
anti-war book. See:

-- The Times' Raw Journalism
Sarah Lyall's "Barcelona Journal" is a unique example of
hands-on (or clothes-off) journalism, as Lyall apparently joined
in a photographer's "unclad art project." See:

-- Whose Credibility Problem?
In "Bush Aides Deny Effort to Slant Data on Iraq Arms," David
Sanger warns other nations may "begin to question American
credibility." But even France and Germany admit Iraq had weapons
of mass destruction. See:

-- The Times' Pursuit of John Ashcroft
A Week in Review story by Adam Liptak, "The Pursuit of
Immigrants in America After Sept. 11," likens the roundup of
illegal immigrants after 9-11 to the Palmer Raids and the Nisei
internment. See:

> Under "Elsewhere on the Web," links to articles about the
New York Times:

-- Journalist and blogger Matthew Hoy eviscerates Paul
Krugman's latest column on Rep. Tom DeLay:

-- Arnold Beichman has collected some of infamous Times
reporter Walter Duranty's Pulitzer-Prize winning whitewashes of
Josef Stalin, as published in the Times. See Weekly Standard
online posting:

-- Journalist and blogger Geitner Simmons notes the Times
ignored the huge Federal Election Commission fines recently
leveled against Sen. Charles Schumer, senior Senator from New

-- Andrew Sullivan says Times associate editor Frank Rich is
wrong about the "ransacking" of Iraq's museums:  

-- Economist Bruce Bartlett says the child-tax credit issue
proves conservatives shouldn't underestimate the Times continuing
ability to set the national agenda:

-- Bill Clinton stood up for Howell Raines, says Paul Colford
in the New York Daily News:

-- Columnist Cal Thomas calls Raines' resignation "the
journalistic equivalent of bringing down a President of the United

-- Noemie Emery in the Weekly Standard suggests the Times is
being felled by dynasty, not diversity:

> Check daily for the latest on bias in the New
York Times:

-- Brent Baker

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