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The truth is out there. I know it. You too can help find it
Mon Jun 2 18:26:46 2003

The truth is out there. I know it. You too can help find it.

But be warned.
The Pentagon has just established a new Office of Strategic Influence that calls for the planting of false stories in the foreign press, phoney e-mails from disguised addresses and other covert activities to manipulate public opinion.
This could be one of them.

We Are At WAR!
... Treason in the Congress of the United States of America  Constitution Ruled Inadmissable as Evidence  Patrick Henry  ...
Description: When a war is fought, most of the time it is the taking of land or turf and occupying it that shows who is winning. The victor then gets to make the rules for the people who live in that land and control them through government.

APFN WHY WACO PAGES AND LINKS: As best as I can find it was Bernard Rapoport who sells all the life insurance ...

WACO ~ One of the Biggest "Federal Lies" of All Time
... BT "Report: Clinton, Reno deceived public about Waco tragedy"  WHY_WACO I (under construction)  Inside Mount Carmel  ...

HEY DANFORTH...did you overlook something?????
... Russian side."  APFN Waco Page

Tracking "Pug" Winokur, wolf in the Enron fold
February 17, 2002As headlines bellow outrage over Olympic Games figure skating fixes, no mainstream media ink has been devoted to the Enron fix, which is quickly becoming one of the biggest cover-ups in history. This fix began two weeks ago with...

FBI Special Agent (SA) R. Wayne Smith Waco Report
... 6/9/1993 - 6/15/1993 These Documents received APFN on 5/3/2001 from UNAmerican Activities Inv. Commission ... Waco Document #5 APFN WACO PAGE  "Report: Clinton, Reno deceived ...

Murder by Injection
Mullins Chapter 10 The

A Monetary Trail---Follow the Bread Crumbs
Hope of the Wicked - The Master Plan to Rule the World by Ted Flynn

THE HARD FACTS NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT The Federal Reserve and the National Debt
May I also suggest: Why we are not free!..............Betrayal of the

8th Grade Final Exam... Who of You Can Pass It!!
Document # # 28 >>>>Disclaimer: This document may be

The New International Criminal Court
Everywhere throughout Rome these days the signs of construction and restoration are unmistakable: ancient monuments, temples, churches, and basilicas are shrouded in scaffolding and streets are blocked off to traffic as workmen paint, chip, clean...

On the evening of December 6, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president of the United States, received a message intercepted by the U.S. Navy. Sent from Tokyo to the Japanese embassy in Washington, the message was encrypted in the top-level...

Rapoport-Hubble Report
FROM THE FILES OF ] Waco, Texas -- Feb, 28, 1993 Webster Hubbell, In charge ... forget the A.H. Bilo connection! [APFN - FROM THE FILES] DATED 09/19/93 COPY OF DOCUMENT WITH UNKNOWN SOURCE ... 

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