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Police Neighborhood Spy Program
Posted on: 5/31/2003 10:48:00 PM


Under POLICE SPY Program: One Third of Jurors may be FBI Informants: Could Americans receive a Fair Jury Trial? Excuse to do away with juries?

Is the Police Neighborhood Spy Program "CAT EYES" a backdoor to destroying the U.S. Jury System? Under "the CAT Eyes Program" One Third of Jurors may be FBI Informants. Under the U.S. Constitution, Americans have the right to be tried by a "Jury of their Peers."

Consider the Boston Globe article below: What would happen to citizens juries if the U.S. GOVERNMENT RECRUITS 100 MILLION AMERICANS TO WORK AS FBI INFORMANTS? On out of every three Americans would be a FBI Informant. By those numbers, "One third, (4 jurors) of every 12-man jury would be a FBI informant: And the percentage of "FBI Informant Jurors" would increase in trials where there was less than 12-juriors.

Historical Note: The Nazi Gestapo started out as a volunteer neighborhood informant organization for the government: then the Gestapo, a private organization, moved to seizing and pocketing citizens’ assets. German citizens were falsely arrested, imprisoned and/or executed on the word of so-called informants. This would be quite easy in the U.S. because Congress passed Rep. Henry Hyde’s "Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000." Upon examination it appears this was not a reform bill.

Are Americans still entitled to a Fair Trial?

Should "CAT Eye Neighborhood Informants" be forced to disclose to trial defense attorneys that they are "FBI Informants" when on juries?

The Globe article below mentions the Nazi Government’s informant program: In Nazi Germany, jurors were so afraid of Gestapo informants being on a jury and informing the "SS" about the activities and statements of jurors. Most frightened jurors went along with "Nazi fascist policies to find innocent persons guilty. Jurors feared that they too could become a target of the Gestapo secret police. Question: Would not this also be the predictable result in America if "one out of every three Americans" became a FBI informant as proposed by CAT EYE?

Disturbingly, Like the Nazi Reich German Government, the Bush Administration introduced a "Security Bill" to prohibit "Homeland Security Employees" blowing the whistle on government agency crimes and corruption. If this law passes, corrupt "Home Land Security Employees" without independent oversight, may be free like the Gestapo, to use fabricated statements and other false informant evidence to frame U.S. citizens, seize their property and/or cause their disappearance. And no questions would be allowed…

Just Imagine: 100 Hundred Million Americans, one out of every three citizens a "snitch" under the "Cat Eyes Neighborhood Government Informant Program?"

R. Striker




* "WATCHING AMERICA with Pride, not Prejudice."

* This is the
Orwellian motto of the New Jersey-based Community Anti-Terrorism Training Institute, or CAT Eyes, an anti-terrorist citizen informant program being adopted by local police departments throughout the East Coast and parts of the Midwest. Mike Licata, a high school teacher and retired Air
Force officer, created the CAT Eyes program in cooperation with ex-military SWAT officer Jason McClendon and businessman Tony Elghossains.

* In a recent telephone interview, Licata said he wants to use CAT Eyes to create what he calls "a modern civil defense network,"
converting neighborhood watch groups into anti-terrorist informant cells. These groups, constantly watching for signs of terrorist activity in their neighborhoods and workplaces, would report suspicious activities directly to the FBI. Said
> Licata: "I envision 100 million Americans looking for indicators of terrorism and promptly reporting it to a central database where it would get analyzed.". . .
> Licata has few qualms about the prospect of CAT Eyes-trained citizens spying on their neighbors. "If I felt that my neighbor of 10 years was doing fund-raising for a group, I'd turn 'em in," says Licata. After all, he says, the FBI will "just investigate them -- and if you're wrong, you're wrong.
> And if you're right, that's a big thing!". . .

Even communist East Germany, a tightly controlled society with more informants per capita than either Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany, was not as ambitious about citizen surveillance as CAT Eyes. In its heyday, the EastGerman secret police, or Stasi, is generally believed to have had about 2 million informers, or about one-eighth of the East German population.

* CAT Eyes wants to train more than one in three Americans to be FBI informers.
As the number of such informers rises, participants in even the smallest of dinner parties and water cooler gossip sessions could reasonably fear that expressing controversial opinions or admitting to "suspicious"
associations would attract the attention of the FBI.



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