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9/11 - Katherine Harris Connection
Tue Jun 3 04:00:31 2003

And at the same time ATA and Discover Air were going bust, corporate filings relating to Wally Hilliard and his operations had begun to go missing at the Secretary of State’s office in Tallahassee—Katherine Harris’s office.

A leading 9/11 researcher gave us an early ‘heads up’ about the problem...

"What's Wally doing in Havana?"

Just weeks after launching the intra-state commuter service Florida Air went bankrupt, too, lasting barely long enough to get their only celebrity endorsement, a plug from Katherine Harris.

If you're still counting, we’re now up to five. Idle thought: how many companies going bankrupt are there that have been endorsed by both Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris?

For Hilliard, abject failure may be easier to endure when you encounter so much of it. The few professional airline personnel involved in Hilliard's operations found themselves baffled and puzzled about even the purpose of the enterprise.

“I used to look at Wally and Rudi and wonder what made them think they could start an airline,” former Director of Operations Bersch told us.

“I mean, I was on the executive team and here they were, trying to start an airline, and from August 2000 to the present we’ve had all of four business meetings.”

“Wouldn’t you think if you were trying to start an airline you’d have at least weekly meetings? And even when you could get a meeting scheduled, somebody would tell you that it had been canceled because Wally is in Havana.”

When Discover Air went bankrupt after ballyhooing new commuter air service between Orlando and Daytona Beach, reporters learned that not one person had bought a ticket on the flights.

That’s pretty brutal...if your aim is to be an airline.

If scheduled passenger service is the true aim of your enterprise, having not one person buy a ticket on your flights is a real embarrassment.

But flying passengers may not have been the purpose behind Discover Air or Florida Air or Sunrise Airlines. Some aviation observers see something more than just monumental incompetence in an operation simultaneously running drugs, 'busting out' companies at will, and training terrorists to fly.

Some suspect Wally Hilliard’s on-again off-again airlines were just cover.

Take, for example, the number of key personnel who have since been forced, as they say, to flee the country...like Pakistani national Pervez "P.J." Khan.

"Forced to flee town in something of a hurry."

"Khan was flying Lear jets around for Wally, and crashed one of them in Punta Gorda, injuring eight people last year," one of Hilliard's current executives told us in the middle of a derisive personnel run-down. "He was running a shady operation for Wally, flying to Havana daily in a Cessna 402."

"The latest I hear about P.J. is that he has to flee the country for one particular reason, and I don’t know what that reason is," he said coyly.

Or another Sunrise Airlines executive, former CEO Ian Alexander...

"He came to work drunk all of the time," said Bill Bersch. "He used to live in Atlanta, came to work for Florida Air, and has since fled to Canada."

Recall that when British Prime Minister Blair named Al Qaeda as the terrorist organization responsible for the 9/11 attack, he didn’t say it was a global network...

He said it had ‘ties’ to one.

Nearly 18 months later U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham referred to “the most important information” obtained in the Congressional probe of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Graham couldn’t reveal the information, however. It was classified.

His co-Chairman, Sen. Richard Shelby, who called it a “bombshell,” wasn’t at liberty to say either.

But what both men did indicate was that explosive evidence was being hidden from the American people involving an international organization or government which, the Senators said, had “facilitated the activities of the terrorist conspiracy while they were in the United States.”

The Senators sound like they're talking about Tony Blair’s unnamed ‘global network.’

Living underground has its drawbacks

Certainly the notion that Mohamed Atta and his henchmen got help from an international organization while they were in Florida is easy to understand...

Logistical support is difficult to arrange from caves.

But to this day the identity of the organization in question remains a closely-guarded secret.

Now the recent events in Orlando—a central Florida crossroads which Mohamed Atta frequented often enough to have opened a second bank account there—may help change all that.

The man who owned the ‘terror’ flight school in Venice Florida is involved with false front airlines, dummy front companies, shadowy charter operations of dubious intent and a politically-well-connected network plugged in to everyone from First Brother Jeb Bush to Clinton "fund-raiser" Truman Arnold.

This is indisputably a ‘global network;’ it is both covert and unacknowledged, and it was the American interface with the terrorists while they were here.

And nobody is investigating it...except the MadCowMorningNews.

In the hours and days after the terrorist attack front man Rudi Dekkers loudly proclaimed his innocence of collusion with the terrorists. This statement did nothing to explain their puzzling move from a rough port famous for its red light district to a retirement community offering a broad choice of assisted living environments.

Federal authorities have apparently so far bought the story. Like almost everything else to do with the 9/11 attack, it has escaped official comment, not to mention notice in the major media.

The silence has been deafening.

It's too bad these guys are so politically—and every other way—-connected.

Otherwise somebody would probably look into it.



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