Mon May 19 05:45:33 2003

Calling the terrorist attack, an attack on the US is wrong. It was simply a terrorist attack by individuals oppossed to the American way and was criminal. We have assets to look for and find terrorist we in no way had the right to declare war on Afghanistan to find the supposed leaders of the attack. They were not even there to capture. In the same token we had no right to attack Iraq they had no intention of stating a war with the US. The US had no reason to pass the patriot act, all of these things were done for political reasons. Afghan to prevent the oil pipeline from being built across the country because the were not using American companies. Iraq just for the oil, what has happen to we never start a war unless we are attack by another country. We killed thousands of innocent people in two countries and left them in chaos.We are now the aggessors of the world and are losing friends fast.


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