Anthony J. Clifton
Assertive Sanity Stratagems: Hold Out Light ,Empowers Same
Fri May 16 10:21:47 2003

Whistle Dixie; When you're in that mood of remembering how we were supposed to live here in America , say you're at the store and the crap noise has found the last inflamed nerve you were saving for the next staged event, Just whistle Dixie, on several occasions staff and sometimes management rush forward offering free merchandise as you're escorted towards the door! Free Speech includes whistling Dixie, and confronting insanity Head On! Ask those around for proof and evidence that insanity and stupidity has a longterm upside...oddly enough the one party idiots find themselves surrounded by Irate Americans that could care less about the rights of Idiots, and care an awful lot about their families and common sense. "Oh, I wish I was in Dixie , away, away, Away down South in Dixie." See the movie Judge Priest with Hattie Mcdaniel and Will Rogers, set in Kentucky after the War. a must see!

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