Masters of War
Fri May 16 16:04:16 2003

Excuse me, but as one citizen to another citizen I must simply say huh? There is nothing new about the Tyranny party, they have been here since the begining.

Wall Street put Hitler into power. George W. Bush's grandfather managed the intersts of the Reich in the United States until l942 after all, and Ford continued selling ball bearings to the Germans all through the war. Smedley Butler, a retired U.S. Marine Corps. General told us in his autobiography that his job was serving as a racketeer for Capitalism.

Indeed if one wishes to look at American history from Independence up to WWII a strong case can be made that Old Glory was used to rhetorically shroud the corpses of those who stood in the way of the American imperial expansion. And who did this expansion benefit?

With this history firmly in mind, we need to re-examine our patriotic assumptions and our patriotic myths. America, for better and for worse, is one more nation. It has a form of republican government designed to check the democratic excesses of the mob and protect the wealthy and a system of laws as malleable as any other legal code. In brief the lessons of history are ignored at our peril. As Thomas Jefferson famously said "Any nation that wishes to be both ignorant and free wants what never was and never will be."

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