Bob Scheidt
There WAS a Time ...
Fri May 16 09:46:49 2003

There was a time when we Americans had justification to accept and support the policies of the government symbolized by the Flag of The United States, because the amount of good deeds of government outweighed the negative effect that government intrusions had upon ones everyday life. Those days are long gone and it's time we admit it and act upon the knowledge we have to correct the propblem.

Whenever I hear or read someone's complaints against George W. Bush and no mention is made relative to Clinton or Carter etc., I view the person making the remarks as one confused by the smoke and mirrors of "Party Politics" or someone in their youth without experience of time to have properly concluded that a systematic agenda of encroachment has been orchestrated by both parties to castrate the American people and remove their freedoms.

America was the last bastion of freedom in 1945, even though the naive American public was being subverted by forces of Empire long before WW II. But the moment of overthrow was the Kennedy Assasination and complete takeover of the U.S. by the CIA.

The truth is that many departments of Government such as the Justice Dept. and the Intelligence Agencies or the NSA do not change personel each election, so many become "EMBEDDED" through appointment, and that affords them the opportunity to subvert our government through regulations and various codes never passing any Constitutional or other test of the laws validity unless challenged by someone with more money and time than brains.

There WAS a time when we could patiently ignore minor violations of our God given rights, but today our country is being invaded by millions without any governmental attempt to halt it, our money system has been debauched, our leaders are blatantly lying to us and attacking other sovereign nations, we are being surrounded by a standing army and citizens are being coaxed to snitch on each other under the pretense of creating a secure environment while our politicians vote to deny us the ability to protect what they refuse to. Even the weather man tells us it's sunny outside when the sky is full of man made clouds that spread until the reality is at best hazy.

Frankly, I am hopeful that Americans are not as blind to these facts as it appears. I am hopeful that there are many millions of people that are conscious of the tyranny before us.

I have been an active witness and investigator of the ever increasing totalitarian rule of government over Americans for 20 years. And each year I think, "it can't get worse" BUT IT DOES ... regardless of which political scum holds office. The truth is "THE PARTY IS OVER" there is only one party in America today and that is the tyranny party, the police state party, and we must resist it with intensity.

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