The President’s Corporate Affiliations And PNAC:
Sun May 11 19:38:12 2003

The President’s Corporate Affiliations And PNAC:

1. On September 20, 2001, the PNAC sent President Bush a letter endorsing the war on terrorism. It said that Even If the evidence does not link Iraq to Sept. 11, that Saddam H. should be removed from power. It said that Iran and Syria should be targets if they refuse to comply with US demands to stop supporting the terrorist group, Hezballah.

2. Donald Rumsfield is a PNAC founder who is advocating a no-evidence required approach to international relations.

3. The PNAC delivered a letter to Clinton in 1998 that criticized him for not passing the Iraqi Liberation Act.

4. The PNAC has funneled millions into a Hussein opposition group called the Iraqi National Congress & into an Iraqi named Armad Chalabi. Chalabi was sentenced to 22 years in court in Jordan on 31 counts of bank fraud. INC and Chalabi have promised oil contracts to anyone who would put them in power in Iraq.

5. The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq was created by the PNAC and staffed entirely by PNAC members. The committee took an office on Capital Hill before the Iraq war and set out to “educate” Americans via cable news about the need for war with Iraq. Randy Scheunemann is the president of the Committee. He served as an advisor to Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld on Iraq in 2001.

6. The original plan of Cheney’s (who was the former Secretary of Defense for Daddy Bush) to secure “peace” through military strength was written by a man who never participated in the cruel realities of war. He was a draft dodger in the Vietnam War.

7. Bruce Jackson, the chairman of the PNAC, served for many years as a VP for the weapons manufacturer, Lockheed Martin. Then in the 2000 campaign, he headed the Republican Party Platform Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Policy. He urged removal of Saddam H.

8. Before becoming Vice President, Dick Cheney served as CEO of the Dallas-based oil company, Halliburton. During this time, Halliburton did $73 million in business with Saddam H.’s Iraq. In October of 1995, when Cheney took over as CEO, Halliburton announced that they would be a top contender for a contract to put out oil well fires if war with Iraq erupted and to prepare the wells for repair by a subsidiary company, Brown and Root.

9. Brown and Root has won a $900 million government contract for the rebuilding of post-war Iraqi bridges, roads, and basic infrastructure. Brown and Root previously built permanent American military bases in Kosovo.

10. The Carlyle Group will also profit from war with Iraq and an increase in defense spending since it owns United Defense. United Defense provides the Defense Department with combat vehicle systems, fire support, combat support vehicle systems, weapons delivery systems, amphibious assault vehicles, combat support services and naval armaments. Carlyle is headed by Frank Carlucci (Secretary of Defense under George Bush, Sr.). George Bush, Sr.’s Secretary of State, James Baker, is also on Carlyle’s payroll. He was very pro-Arab and pro-Saudi-Arabia when he was in power. George Bush, Sr. is also on th

11. The Osama bin Laden family built its fortune in contracts with Saudi Arabia’s government. They were heavily invested in the Carlyle group for years but in October 2001 (after the Sept. 11 attack) Saudi bin Laden and Carlyle severed their relationship by mutual agreement.

12. Arbusto Oil was the company that made George W. Bush his first million. Arbusto Oil was a company that kept digging dry holes in Texas until it was taken over by a company called Harken Oil. The company got financing from Saudi Arabians and then Harken obtained a contract to drill oil in the gulf. Arbusto Oil shares quickly increased in value due to its new financiers.

13. The large conglomerations that own the US media seem to share financial

interests with the Bush administration. PNAC writer William Kristol (former Chief of Staff for Dan Quayle) writes for a magazine owned by the same company that owns Fox News. The media encouraged 50% of the American public to believe that Iraq was responsible for 9-11 by telling half of the story and remaining silent about Bush administration lies. To take action on this and other issues, please visit In a March, 2003 press conference President Bush himself along with official White House transcripts use the word “scripted” to describe the press conference. However, the NY Times, Fox News, CNN,

14. Mussolini (the father of fascism) defined fascism as equivalent to corporatism since fascism ‘is the merger of state and corporate power”. Is this what the American public wants?

15. By the way, a man named Dr. Matthias Rath says that vitamin C is effective against SARS spread. What does that have to do with all this? Dr. Rath is of the opinion that a pharmaceutical/petrochemical cartel was a huge benefactor of the Iraq war. And that the cartel also chose to secretly release the SARS virus to further their financial interests.
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21. The most ominous reason not to "reelect" Bush is a chilling suspicion that the administration negligently or intentionally ignored information that indicated the possibility of the 9-11 attack because they needed the 9-11 attack to accomplish the aims of PNAC and/or to further their own financial and corporate interests. The PNAC stated that another Pearl Harbor was needed to generate support for their goals. There have been reports that the Intelligence Community received credible reports of intended attacks on the WTC, attacks against Israel or the US by Osama bin Laden, and that terrorists intended to hijack planes and turn them into weapons.&nbs/SPAN>John Ashcroft was advised by the FBI to travel by leased aircraft only—not by commercial jet—and he did. On 9-10, top Pentagon officials cancelled plans to travel on 9-11 due to security concerns. According to Greg Palast, until 9-11, the Bush administration, Clinton administration to some degree, the Regan administration, and George Bush Sr.’s administration had directed the CIA and it’s other agencies NOT to investigate the royal family of Saudi Arabia and the bin Laden family with the exception of Osama bin Laden (who they were allowed to investigate). The directive started when George Bush senior as the head of the CIA tried to stop it from investigating the Saudi royal family. The Bush family might naturally tend to feel friendly towards some people who made them millions of dollars. The problem with not investigating thee “evil” than those named in George Bush’s “axis of evil”?

22. In her 3/31 statement to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, Mindy Kleinberg—whose husband was killed Sept. 11 in the WTC--urged that the apparent “luck” of the terrorists be looked into thoroughly since it seemed there might be something more than “luck” involved. She pointed out that a week prior to Sept. 11, both the SEC and US Intelligence agencies ignored a huge purchase of options purchased on a gamble that stocks of the 2 airlines later involved in the attacks would drop dramatically. The 5 million in profits made from this purchase has not been claimed by an investor anot sent until 32 minutes after contact was lost. The inceptors were not dispatched from the nearest base & they did not travel at maximum speed. Had they traveled at maximum speed, they could have reached NYC and the Pentagon in time to intercept the terrorist planes before they hit their targets. The morning of 9-11, NORAD had information about the 3 planes were hijacked, yet no one stopped President Bush from continuing a routine appearance in an elementary school & informed him of the national emergency in progress.

23. The Bush administration put an overly positive spin on the results of the midterm election (and the press reiterated) saying that the Majority Had Spoken. Reality: only 33% of all Americans voted. 15% of those voters voted Democratic, 17% voted Republican. That means 83% is the American public did not vote for the Republican Party.

24. The Bush administration and the Congress may have failed dramatically to represent those they work for—the American public. Last September alternative radio’s Democracy Now surveyed 70 Republican and Democratic senate offices asking about opposition/support for war with Iraq. Aides for both party offices said that the “overwhelming” majority of citizens calling, e-mailing and faxing were opposed to the war. Numbers as high as 200:1 in opposition were reported.

25. The tax cuts the Bush administration has advocated do not help 70% of Americans according to the IRS. They help a small elite group of corporations or people who are already wealthy.

26. While the Bush administration and House of Representatives praised our soldiers, the House voted to cut veterans benefits. Now with all the present (and future?) Bush administration medical and psychological injuries, returning veterans have less support than ever.

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