Conversation with veteran police officer, Jack McLamb
Sat Apr 12 17:29:50 2003

To All,

I'll do my best to not inundate you with everything I could forward and you may know about this already but felt it was worth forwarding this along again.

Time is short. For anyone who has not requested the free "THE Law" tape from me (meaning God's Laws), I ask that you do so ASAP. I rather think it is not what you think and after hearing it I think you will also agree, everyone you know and care about needs to hear it.

Please see below.

Roland -


Conversation with veteran police officer, Jack McLamb

Robert Markson -
I had a lengthy conversation with veteran police officer, Jack McLamb, yesterday about the coming invasion on America. I asked Jack if he knew of any Chinese, Russian, Cuban troop buildup along the border. His response was " Yes". Jack stated that according to his military sources, there are indeed foreign troops along the border, but not in the numbers that have been reported in panic on the internet. However, the number of troops is still large, and disturbing.

His military contacts have told him that they are not so concerned with the troops along the border as they are with the hundreds of thousands of foreign troops that are stationed at this moment at our military bases around the country who will be called out to "help and assist us during martial law" after the next terrorist attack.

We talked about "Dyncorp" the front company for the UN peacekeeping missions who are offering our police officers $85,000.00 to $96,000.00 a year to resign from their police departments, and go overseas as UN peace keepers. Jack agreed that all this was part of the plan to send all of our military and police officers out of the country, and turn our nation over to United Nations. He then told me to "watch and count the troops that are being deployed overseas" as that will be signaling for the final takeover and open the door to the "foreign assets" that we have been promised.

Now, something extremely important: Jack laid out the plan that will be used against the citizens of the United States during Martial law, and here it is. When the next terrorist attack occurs, the foreign troops will be deployed, and the cities will be sealed off, along with the suburbs. However, the government has adopted a new policy to "Not deploy troops to the rural areas". The reason? They are going to allow the riots and the masses from the cities, illegal immigrants, street gangs, looters, thieves, motorcycle gangs, etc., to leave the cities and the suburbs, to go out and rape, pillage, kill, rob and steal from the families that live out in the rural areas and the farming communities.

They have calculated this with their think tanks, and have come to the conclusion that the hoards of killers will return to the cities after wiping out entire countryside, in about a year to be fed and taken care of because they are not trained in survival techniques, and wonŽt be able to care for themselves. In short, the families who live in the rural areas will be left on their own, with no protection whatsoever. It is my guess that most of the local police officers will scurry home to their families to protect their own, as any sound mind would do the same thing. Jack said that it was imperative for people to start uniting in their communities to form a plan for the coming battles against these mobs.

IŽll forward anything else that I receive on this.

Best regards, In Christ,

Robert -

Due Process Vanishes in Thin Air

02:00 AM Apr. 08, 2003 PT

Asif Iqbal, a Rochester, New York, management consultant, must get FBI clearance every Monday and Thursday when he flies to and from Syracuse for business. Iqbal can't get off a government watch list because he shares the same name as a suspected terrorist.

But Asif Iqbal, the suspected terrorist, is eight years younger than his Rochester namesake.

What's more, the suspected terrorist Iqbal has been in U.S. custody at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, since January 2002 when he was captured in Afghanistan. In a letter to his congressional representative, Iqbal of New York said he was first denied the ability to board a plane on Feb. 18, 2002, almost a full month after the British Foreign Office informed the suspected terrorist Iqbal's family that he was being held as an "enemy combatant."

Just as Asif Iqbal of Rochester isn't the only Asif Iqbal, he's also not the only U.S. resident battling to clear his name from government watch lists.

The aviation list, intended to catch terrorists before they board planes, has persistently and widely snagged innocent American travelers, according to government documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The documents -- which include numerous e-mails, letters and call logs detailing the attempts of seemingly ordinary Americans to remove themselves from the list -- reveal that the lists are only getting longer. "The FAA/TSA 'watchlist' has expanded almost daily," according to an internal Transportation Security Administration memo dated Oct. 16, 2002.

Those who objected to being repeatedly targeted include a 71-year-old retired English teacher, a frequent business traveler with "top-secret" security clearance, an employee of the Bothell, Washington, city manager's office, a prominent businessman from Huntington Beach, California, and a woman whose name is similar to an Australian man 20 years her junior.

Most said they understood the need for heightened security and that they hope they are eventually cleared to fly when they travel.

But all said they were inaccurately targeted by an overly simplistic system, and they complained of missed flights and invasive and embarrassing searches.

The Bothel, Washington, city worker said a National Guardsman aimed an M16 at him when he refused a request to stand on one leg because he was recovering from a leg injury.

In the documents, all of the travelers complained about the inability to clear their names from the list. One person wrote that he must show up four hours before his flight in order to clear security in time for departure. Another said government officials suggested he change his name.

"I've endured too many security checks for this to be 'just a random search' -- this is harassment. I am a 62-year-old Caucasian grandmother and law-abiding citizen," wrote one woman, who also said she is screened on nearly every segment of a flight, including transfers.

Other travelers said they match against the watch list on the basis of their last name only. An airline pilot who is an American citizen with a common Pakistani surname complained in a letter to Rep. Jack Quinn (R-N.Y.) because the scrutiny he faced had caused his employer to nearly cancel a flight.

"Could you imagine if you were stopped, questioned for over an hour and almost missing a plane because the name 'Quinn' was in the computer?" the pilot asked. The pilot's name was blacked out in the document.

Another wrote Congressman Jack LoBiondo (R-N.J.), saying, "the name '(blacked out)' in the Middle East is as common as 'Jones' is in America." The writer noted that he or she can't speak a word of Arabic, has never traveled to the Middle East and had served in U.S. Navy.

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