What an excellent analysis of exactly....
Sun Dec 24, 2006 02:18

...... what is going on and the agenda and players. In fact, I knew this was way bigger than just oil, banking or profiteering. That is the payoff for pulling this off. They are deeply committed to this agenda and from your writing I now know why.

It was disturbing for me knowing this agenda was huge, but not being able to figure out what it actually was. I knew about globalization, but that is different than what your saying. what your saying is far more nefarious and less of an alternative system, rahter its no system at all.

However, One of the downfalls of someone like Kissinger is his arrogance and lack of respect for the abilities of other nations/races to out smart us. They have done so.

If you watch the daily or even weekly trading in gold and currency between those three nations: Russia, China and India (to whom we are now giving nuclear power)they have been systematically over the past 4 years buying gold and silver and TAKING PHYSICAL POSSESSION OF IT.

Today guess who is having the currency problem and guess who holds the sledge hammer of financial chaos??? The Chinese control $1 trillion in US debt. All they would have to do is dump it and that would be the end of the United States as we know it.

The trip taken by this Prsident and his top level finance people about a week ago to China was a complete and utter failure. Bush & Co wanted a slow orderly decline in the dollar to keep markets stable, but they came back empty handed on the promises they sought. So now we are going to see how brilliant the Chinese are in the "ART OF WAR" and strategy. They follow Tsun Tsu's teachings of strategy. "Identify the tools the enemy uses and then turn them around against your enemy". In Fact, Tsun Tsu said "if you have to fire a shot you have lost the war?"

The Chinese have us by the short hairs with the capacity to destroy the US without ever firing that shot. How utterly Ironic. Thanks for this. It completed the picture I was struggling to see. Now I see it and now everything that I have been watching Russia, India and China do in the gold market makes perfect given your scenario.

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