Bush Admits Iraq Setbacks
Wed Dec 20, 2006 15:05

On national television this morning, GWB, "The Decider", admitted that Iraq wasn't going as well as we had been told OVER and OVER and OVER again for the past 3 years following "Mission Accomplished."

George calls them 'setbacks" not "cluster flucks", but I think we all know better than that.

Now folks, recall that it was BUSH ALONE who pushed for this war, all the while being pushed by the neocons. It was Bush alone who told us Saddam had WMD aimed at us. Bush alone came up with the bright idea of taking over Iraq so our troops could be greeted as liberators and catch those flowers and candy thrown at them...not bombs and bullets. Bush alone stood on that aircraft carrier under the "Mission Accomplished" flag and Bush alone who commanded this mess through his nimrod pal Rumsfeld.

No one else....the buck stops with HIM and his underlings.

and NOW, 400 BILLION dollars, 3000 American lives and 30,000 Americans maimed later....oh, and one still-destroyed nation and 650,000 civilian casualties later....

we now AIN'T winning aka we ARE loosing.

GWB....the man who bailed out of his Air National Guard enlistment....GWB who could not find oil in Texas...GWB who could now make money on a lucrative ball team....GWB who's claim to fame as a Texas governor was to break all-time records of prisoners killed, made Texas the most polluted state in the nation...and who did NOT win the 2000 presidency....once again blew this one.

NOW....WE get to bail him out, just like his Daddy always has.....only WE pay this tab.

OH! and don't FORGET! The IDIOT STILL wants to spend 12 TRILLION to go to MARS!!!!

Bush Admits Iraq Setbacks

CBS/AP) Summing up a year of setbacks, President Bush said Wednesday that insurgents in Iraq thwarted U.S. efforts at "establishing security and stability throughout the country" in 2006.

Mr. Bush also said he has asked newly installed Defense Secretary Robert Gates to report to him as quickly as possible on plans to enlarge the size of the Army and Marine Corps.

At a year-end news conference, the president said the United States will "ask more of our Iraqi partners" in 2007, and he pledged to work with the new Democratic Congress, as well.

Mr. Bush sidestepped one question — whether he would order a so-called surge of troops in Iraq as a first-step toward gaining control of the violent and chaotic situation there. "Nice try," he told a reporter who asked about his plans.

The Baker-Hamilton Commission recommended a quick buildup of troops as part of an overall plan to arrest what it called a "grave and deteriorating" situation in Iraq.

Mr. Bush also said the United States supports the creation of a unity government in Iraq.

The president opened the question-and-answer session by conceding the obvious — things haven't gone well in Iraq, where the United States has lost more than 2,900 troops in almost four years of war, without quelling the insurgency.

"The enemies of liberty ... carried out a deliberate strategy to foment sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shia. And over the course of the year they had success," he said.

"Their success hurt our efforts to help the Iraqis rebuild their country. They set back reconciliation and kept Iraq's unity government and our coalition from establishing security and stability throughout the country."

Mr. Bush also explained a striking shift in position — his statement on Tuesday that the United States is neither winning nor losing in Iraq, contrasted with his insistence at a recent news conference that it was "absolutely winning."

He said his earlier comments were meant to say that, "I believe that we're going to win, I believe that ... My comments yesterday reflected the fact that we're not succeeding nearly as fast as I had wanted."

The session with reporters comes at a time when the war in Iraq and the Republicans' loss of Congress have weakened the president.

The latest CBS News poll found that just 21 percent of Americans approved of Mr. Bush's handling of Iraq, down from 29 percent in November.

Mr. Bush was asked whether he was like Lyndon Johnson, who had difficulty sleeping during the difficult days of the Vietnam War.

In response, the president said it was difficult knowing that "my decisions have caused young men and women to lose their lives." And yet, he said, the United States must prevail in the global war on terror — and will.

It "is the calling of our generation," he said.

Most of the questions dealt with the war in Iraq, but he was also asked about the pregnancy of Mary Cheney, the openly gay daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney.

"I know Mary and I like her and I know she is going to be a fine, loving mother," said Mr. Bush. Neither he nor his questioner referred to Cheney's partner.

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Transcript of Bush conference
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