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Thu Dec 21, 2006 18:07

i was looking for a job in New Orleans after Katrina (and FEMA ravaged my home and rental props.

anyway, sicnce the storm, if you lok at the want ads in New Orleans, MOST of the job postings are to join the ARMY !

your tax $ hard at work folks !

a quick background on the hurricane.
i stayed for the storm, but was FORCED to leave after, and could not come back !
I snuck in to see my rental properties. the upstairs on one ws OK when i first saw it.
the Nat Guard wouldnt let me back to work on it though.
so eventually it had MOLD all over, and i had to gut the house anyway.
it was MONTHS before they let me back in and work on it.

Bush CUT funding for the LEVEES.
the City of NO and the Army Corp asked for 15 million for the levees.
4 million was eventually granted by the "ruler in theif."
the money was needed for the "grater war on terror"

Thats what the DECIDER decided.

in 20 mins of spending on IRAQ,
they could have FIXED the levees in New Orleans.

so, now i am BROKE, and since i didnt live in these peoperties, FEMA hasnt given me a dime.

If you want to take advantage of Bush's small buisines TAX cuts, you have to make OVER $250,000

thats a SMALL buisiness tax cut.
wonder what the BIG guys got ?



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