Before You Enlist!
Thu Dec 21, 2006 15:52

Before You Enlist!

Schlitz (17 hours ago) pussies....If you want a bunch of liberal lies and bias opinions then this is a video for you. You guys are pussies, you are not noble enough to defend this country, why would you want to put that out for you to see? liberal pussies


myroncope (2 hours ago)
The military isn't defending the country. Stop being such a dumb ass reactionary. They are defending the interests of the government, not the people of this country.


dontTouchMyFknRadio (2 days ago)
great video. we should get to see all sides to make up our own minds about this whole situation. war is not good for anyone, but the companies that make mil-t equipment, and the people that work for and own stock in these companies.


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