VIDEO: Gary Webb: In his own words
Thu Dec 21, 2006 03:21

VIDEO: Gary Webb: In his own words


Here are the facts: Gary Webb fired two shots from a .38 caliber revolver into his own head.

Gary Webb: In his own words
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 12:15:28 -0800
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A tribute to the late reporter

To be an Authentic Journalist in 2004 is to be a soldier at war. When a hero dies in battle first we must drape the coffin, sound the slow, sad bugle song of Taps, and remember this great man who died fighting for all of us. Among the soldiers I have known in my foxhole, there were none finer, more effective in a firefight, than Gary. – Al Giordano

Director’s note: Gary Webb, the Pulitzer prize-winning reporter who broke the story of the CIA’s involvement in the importation of cocaine into the U.S., died on Friday, December 10, reportedly from self-inflicted gunshots to the head.

It was a tragic end to a brilliant, and tragic, career.

This interview was conducted as part of a video course GNN’s Stephen Marshall and I gave at the School of Authentic Journalism’s 2003 seminar in Merída and Isla de las Mujeres, Mexico. Here Webb discusses the media battle that erupted in the aftermath of his groundbreaking 1996 investigation into the CIA’s drug dealing operations during the 1980s to aid the Nicaraguan Contras.

GNN would like to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of a man who, as much as anyone, has inspired what we do, and aspire to be, here at the Guerrilla News Network.

In memory:

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“Two years ago, Gary Webb wrote a series of articles that said some bad things about the CIA. The CIA denied the charges, and every major paper in the country took the agency’s word for it. Gary was ruined. Which is a shame, because he was right.”
Charles Bowden, Esquire

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