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President Bush signs U.S. India Nuclear Deal

Washington (eCanadaNow) - US President Bush signed the
United States-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Cooperation
Act which recognizes India as a nuclear power and
provides for cooperation between the US and India in
civilian nuclear matters.
The deal would also open 14 of India's nuclear plants
to international inspection while leaving eight
military nuclear sites closed to outside access.
Critics say that the deal will undermine pre-existing
nuclear non-proliferation treaties, embolden other
nuclear and near nuclear powers and erode
"The bill that President Bush has signed may well
become the death warrant to the international nuclear
non-proliferation regime," said Ed Markey, a
Democratic congressman from Massachusett.
American credibility when dealing with proliferation
issues with other countries such as Iran. In India,
the deal has also come under criticism with the
oppostion asserting that the deal primarily acts to
limit India's nuclear capabilities.
Under terms of the deal, the U.S. would halt its
exports if India tests another nuclear weapon.
http://www.ecanadan ow.com/us/ 2006/12/19/ president-
bush-signs- us-india- nuclear-deal/


Bush signs U.S.-India nuclear deal
Bush signs U.S.-India nuclear deal. Enlarge Photo. By Reuters ... WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush hailed a new era of strategic cooperation ...

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