Air Force Colonel Accused of Abuse over UW !
Sun Dec 24, 2006 17:03

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I hve no doubt that LTC Helbig may indeed believe UW or DU are harmless and he, as a Veteran of One, is entitled to his beliefs. My experience with LTC Helbig started 112306 when he made a phone call direct to me at 6:06 AM Eastern which was just after 3 AM in California or the residence of LTC Helbig. Being on call and having all calls monitored this Veteran left a message indicating he was not only displeased but would call at another number.

My anger at beind disturbed went away before dialing the phone line of Mr. Helbig after listening to his disturbed Call to me. I contacted Mr. Helbig who demanded a copy of my DD-241 for reasons unknown, which was obviously refused as it was none of his business and he is not cleared, to my knowledge, to obtain all FOUR discharges of mine for any reason.

We attempted to recognize and understand Mr. Helbig wakes up UPSET over something he reads on an internet site and we quickly pointed out the BLUE link at the top is a direct e-mail link to the person who wrote it PLUS my name, address, sometimes PHONE is listed for anyone to use and verification is simple as to who we are and what we believe or practice. Some items remain classified but other than normal channels anyone can research me at any time.

I sent back an e-mail to Mr. Helbig and advised that we would NOT be responding to him direct until after January 1, 2007. Such still applies then we will answer any questions he may have within reason. The number and type of MEDALS received seems to occupy Mr. Helbig's concerns and since we do not have the privilege of being a CMOH recipient, but know some friends who did receive the highest Medal our United States bestows upon military, we are confident Mr. Helbig will realize many Veteran's have those medals and will continue to serve ALL Veteran's Worldwide!

We all perhaps seek the same for our Veteran's WORLD PEACE!

Some of us will continue fighting for banning of Depleted Uranium Weapons and identification, protection, encapsulation and treatment of ANY HUMAN exposed anywhere in the World as the use of DU is indeed the "American Plague of 2006" and death is the eventual result of exposure to those particles being eaten, breathed or worse carried by shrapnel into the bodies of our brave men, women and even children all over the Planet.

I forgave LTC Helbig for disturbing my sleep and that of my partner because obviously there was a burning need to talk. Such forgiveness was tempered with a request NOT TO DO THAT AGAIN between the hours of 11PM and 8 AM Eastern UNLESS IT WAS AN EMERGENCY CALL! Seems fair and proper to me.

Happy Holidays LTC Helbig. I hope you follow the posts on Depleted Uranium Weapons particles being dangerous and someday join half as much getting the message out to other Veteran's if you have time.

Ralph Charles Whiley, Sr.
a Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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