Threat to the World - Dirty Bombs Depleted Uranium and WMD
Fri Dec 22, 2006 00:51

Nuclear Power a Threat to the World - Dirty Bombs Depleted Uranium and WMD
Hiyam Noir, PalestineFreeVoice

Even during normal operations radioactive materials are regularly discharged into the air and water. The policy of secrecy, which surrounded the development of the bomb, was transferred to civil nuclear power projects after World War II and continue to live on today.

In addition to the risk of accident, nuclear plants are highly vulnerable to deliberate acts of sabotage . Even the IAEA which promotes the use of nuclear power, admitted that in the light of the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York - that "Most nuclear power plants were built during the 1960s and 1970s and like the World Trade Center, they were designed to withstand only accidental impacts from the small 'Cessna' type sports aircraft. If you postulate the risk of a jumbo jet full of fuel, it is clear that their design was not conceived to withstand such an impact."

From the moment uranium is mined nuclear waste on a massive scale is produced. There is no secure, risk free way to store nuclear waste. No country in the world has a solution for high-level waste that stays radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. The least damaging option at this current time is for waste to be stored above ground, in dry storage at the site of origin, but this option also presents major challenges and the threats.

The possession of nuclear weapons by the US, Russia, France,China and Israel has encouraged the further proliferation of nuclear technology and materials.The problem with Israel is not the its nuclear program itself, the problem is that Israel has made a chose to stand outside the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Every state that has a nuclear power capability, has the means to obtain nuclear material usable in a nuclear weapon. Basically this means that the 44 nuclear power states could become 44 nuclear weapons states.

Many nations that have active commercial nuclear power programs, began their research with two objectives - electricity generation and the option to develop nuclear weapons. Also nuclear programs based on reprocessing plutonium from spent fuel have dramatically increased the risk of proliferation as the creation of more plutonium, means more nuclear waste which in turn means more materials available for the creation of *dirty bombs & W M D.

The real " Dirty Bombs"*

A flying rod* of solid uranium 18-inches long and three-quarters of an inch in diameter, is what becomes of a DU tank round after it is fired, Because Uranium-238 is pyrophoric, meaning it burns on contact with air, DU rounds are burning as they fly. When the DU penetrator hits an object it breaks up and causes secondary explosions.It's way beyond a dirty bomb,referring to the terror weapon that uses conventional explosives to spread radioactive material.



The pictures below are not for the weak hearted.
The pictures below, which are extremely disturbing, show exactly what does.

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