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The comment concerns a very interesting and good article by american author Gore Vidal titled "I'm Jealous of Cuba": An Interview with Gore Vidal by Rosa Miriam Elizalde in "Counterpunch" and bylined Havana.*

Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - 23 Dec. 2006 - Gore Vidal is an excellent writer and this again is one of those articles that should be spread and reread. In the US itself to start with. But like many I do absolutely not share the hopes of Vidal and some others that the Democrazies - in this for 99 percent corrupted Congress with it's warmongering Lobbies - will goose march all of those criminals to the gallows.

The Dems have voted for every dirty $billion suggestion by the mafia running the US, and it's junta's war machine. $Billions are made by their banks and corporations because millions of human beings are killed in the quest for power and profit. And they go on sowing wars and reaping the profits from their killing fields. Turning our blood into their gold. There's absolutely no doubt about it: they all fully share the guilt. And not only by association.


As far as I can see and read nobody who's using her or his brain thinks that the corrupt Dems will make any difference whatsoever concerning the inhumane Armageddon course of the US Titanic. What the Dems do is going along with the murderous and robbing hoods of the junta, meanwhile moving the deck chairs around and not hearing the band which louder and louder plays: "Nearer to you my God." But those psychopaths seem all to be deaf. To sound and facts. The say they ''create their own reality.'' The by them created 'reality' is not for human beings but for this group of insane 'humanoids'. - Url.:

They too - and all of the US junta's collaborators of all nationalities deserve every second of punishment they will get. And the sooner the better it is for humanity. But the Dems nasty Nancy Pelosi and her racket has already said that they're not going to lift a finger to get the US junta members or their collaborators in front of a war crimes tribunal. Instead they again and for the umpteenth time give everybody the middle finger. Fooled again? Even a stubborn donkey - it's said - will not stumble on the same stone twice.

To keep it short: Gore Vidal is a great writer and it is a real pleasure reading him. He doesn't elaborate on who declared war on Hitler and who financed him, dragging the US along on the road to the Bank of England, but 'hidden' history tells. - Url.:

But Gore Vidal is proving again that there are many 'good US-Americans' too. Strange is however that so many of the writers which also are the experienced and 'critical' ones in general on many sites mostly seem to be seniors, sharing their knowledge. Even if fear - as the junta planned it - has been spreading like a wildfire and it's dangerous to disagree with murderers and what their mercenaries are doing. It's now 'un-american' to criticize killers...

Many people however are by all propaganda and fakes too blinded to react anymore. They've grown up in a Potemkin village, with the junta's Hollywood fašade in front of them. And they can't understand anymore, because they've never been taught to compare or question. Human capabilities like seeing the difference between right and wrong are disappearing worldwide. That's what is done to humanity by people who say they offer 'education'.

Which makes me think that I'm right - looking at the global effects of the brainwash for the past decades - when I say the old proverb has to be changed a bit:

Now it's: Never trust anybody under thirty...

Henk Ruyssenaars

* The excellent Vidal article - Url.:

* HR - Google links - Url.:


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