I, by myself, called the U.S. Senate,.....and....and....and.
Sat Dec 23, 2006 23:01

Judy Cunningham drjudyforjustice@yahoo.com  wrote:

I, by myself, called the U.S. Senate, Bill Frist, (R) Senate Majority Leader, especially, --and stated that I demand that they unprivatize the Federal Reserve, and forfeiture from all who have profited from the privatization. Reports state that 80% of the world's wealth, including the U.S. are owned by the military industrialist complex that owns and controls the Federal Reserve, and the World Bank, Central Bank. I was told, "Thank you." ---But, now, coinciendentally, I have been "reported, by a drug addict homeless man, "to be a terrorist" to Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, and Office of Professional Regulation, --on the unwritten, un-named charges, falsely accusing me of "living in my car," "being homeless," and "carrying guns," and "owning a house in State College PA where I am accused of keeping guns." None of which is true, and I do not believe any are really against the law. I am to report to the Bureau of Professional Regulation of NY State on Tuesday, to
defend my Professional License. None of those charges include harm, neglect, breech of standard, breech of ethics, or anything listed as charges to pull a license by the Board of Professional Regulation. I was, also, told to bring a list of everything I own. Why would they do that, if they are not planning to seize all of my property under the Patriot Act?. I could be shipped off to Guantanamo, or one of the torture facilities in Egypt or Chile, on Tuesday.

I hope that everyone will take up my cause, and demand de-privatization of the Federal Reserve, and forfeiture from everyone who has profited, and everyone who has received profits from them. Einstein stated that anything great that has ever happened, has began with one persons saying something to one other person.

Judy Cunningham, RN,BSN,BA,MS(abd PhD.)

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Subject: I called U.S. Senate.Stated I demand Fed Resever be unprivitized & forfieture from all who have profited
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 17:35:27 -0800 (PST)
From: Judy Cunningham
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